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How Dean Smith's Legacy Should Change Your Business

I'm a Michigan State Alumni. A proud one at that.

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Underrated Social Media Strategies that Still Work

Some social media tasks are boring, time-consuming, or feel unnecessary in the moment. But these underrated tasks are still very important to ongoing brand success, and sometimes we all need a reminder. Let's take a look at the social media tactics you should never stop doing.

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Why You Should Look at Google Remarketing Before the New Year


As we wrap up our advice for 2017, we want to talk about one interesting marketing tool in particular – remarketing ads via Google. If you've never tried these or aren't sure what they are, this FAQ is just for you!

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How to Create a Successful Internal Marketing Campaign


Getting the word out about a new product or service is challenging when your audience is the public, but getting employee buy-in? Well, that can be a little bit trickier. Your employees have been entrenched in your brand from day one - they know what's worked, what hasn't, and likely have strong opinions formed before a product even hits the market.

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5 Holiday Social Media Content Ideas


Ah, the holidays. It's a magical time of year when everyone in marketing is scrambling to tap into consumer momentum while simultaneously trying to get holiday content up in time. Just like the out-of-office coordination of family dinners, gatherings, and present exchanges, it's easy to feel more frantic than jolly if you don't have a plan. If you've been tempted to sneak into a holiday snow fort and refuse to come back out again, consider this holiday content list your "Rudolph nose" of guidance: 

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Isaac's 21 Thoughts: Mental Health + Net Neutrality

Anyone who knows 21 Handshake owner, Isaac, knows that he constantly has 100 ideas and thoughts running through his brain at all times. And while we admire his excitement and creativity, finding a productive way to channel it has been a challenge! 

This blog is a result of that. Every Friday Isaac will be sharing insight and lessons about owning a business and working in the digital marketing space. For now we're calling it "Isaac's 21 Thought's" because he usually has that many (and more!) rolling around his brain at all times. This format may change as we get him to document more and more of his consciousness.

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Increase Visibility on Your Content with These 8 Strategies

Are you still struggling to attract attention to your content? Sometimes those content view numbers just aren't what we expected or needed...which isn't fun, but it's also an opportunity for growth. Check out our favorite strategies for improving visibility when content is struggling to perform.

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Gift Guide for the Digital Marketer in Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the digital marketer in your life? Well you're in the right place! As a full service digital marketing agency, we have put together a list of products we love and use everyday (or would love to get as a gift!). This gift guide offers price points for every budget and is sure to wow the person receiving it. 

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7 Tips to Improve the Quality of Content Captured on your Smartphone

These days, it's very common to depend on social media and marketing photos that are taken from smartphones. After all, we all have a mobile device nearby, and certain events or opportunities need immediate photo-taking or video marketing action! It's pretty common to have one of the marketing team head out with their trusty smartphone to grab some picks of whatever is going on.

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What New Facebook Messenger Feature Means for Businesses

We've talked in the past about how Facebook Messenger may be a more powerful tool than you think, with it's ability to house chatbots that can answer questions and facilitate sales directly from the chat app.

But now, news has dropped that Facebook wants to take this Messenger approach even farther, helping companies to not only sell and install chatbots, but also drop mass-broadcast messages to audiences. Here's what we know about it so far, and how you may be able to use it!

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