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1 Simple Rule to Creating A Remarkable Brand

by Isaac Oswalt on June 05, 2015


Creating a remarkable brand in any business involves many parts, but all stem from the emotional reaction your customers have towards you.

On one level, that makes building a remarkable brand fairly simple:

  • Decide how you want your customers to feel about you and how you can help them feel that way

On another level though, what does being remarkable really mean?

Being worth a remark, of course!

Get started by asking yourself about each touchpoint of your business. When considering these aspects, are you performing them in a way where a customer would take the time to remark about how well you do it?

  • How do you answer the phone?
  • How fast do you respond to inquiries?
  • How are your products shipped?
  • How good is your follow-up?
If there are areas where the answer is no, we are not remarkable, you can improve your brand. Remarkable brands need to be intentionally molded because people have become exceptionally skilled at tuning out shouted messages. At 21 Handshake, we believe that "Great brands don’t interrupt people; they become ingrained in their lives."

The popularity of craft beers is a terrific example. It was recently announced that, for the first time, craft beer is outselling Budweiser in this country. This is in spite of the brewing giant’s seemingly unlimited marketing budget. Craft beers meanwhile, have become very good at branding themselves individually, and as a whole. Think about the times you have overheard someone asking “Do you have (insert beer name here)” when ordering a beer. Now that is inbound marketing at its best.

There are many examples of remarkable branding. Disney is often cited, as are brands like Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. These brands have a “texture” about them and evoke certain emotions. This is not by luck or accident. Like the beer, these brands are "crafted". 

1 Simple Rule. Brands Evoke Emotions.

What emotions is your brand evoking? 

  • Fear
  • Competition
  • Instant Gratification
  • Trust

Inbound marketing can help you tell the story of YOUR remarkable brand in our connection economy. The content on your blog, the stories on your blog and the outreach on your social media channels allow people to experience your brand first-hand and develop their own emotional connections to it. Be sure you are telling them the story you want them to hear. 



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Isaac Oswalt

Owner of 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. Futurist in nature, Isaac displays a deep desire to preserve the human element in today's business. Trust being the ultimate currency, his clients appreciate that "new and stronger handshakes" is a success metric in their businesses.

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