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Don't Forget the Call to Action

by Sarah Hayes on April 06, 2016


I was reminded of this simple fact today after I hit publish on a blog post. 

I did a quick scan of the newly published post...all the way to the bottom where I stopped. 

Where is the button telling me what to do? 

Or even some actionable text with a link? 

Yes, my friends. I forgot a call to action

A simple mistake, easily fixable...and I know what you are thinking why is this even important? The prospects I am attracting to my site are intelligent, they don't need a 'button' telling them what to do next. 

And yes, we agree, your prospects are intelligent. 

But so is the fact that a call to action guides your prospect to converting

And why take that chance that they might not know what to do next and lose them as a lead? 




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