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Exit Intent Pop-Up

by Sarah Hayes on March 23, 2016


Have you ever been on site and you go to exit out of it and suddenly "Bam!" a pop up appears asking you if you want to sign up for their newsletter or download their e - book. 

Annoying, right? Especially, those negative ones. ("What, you don't really want to grow your business?")


Websites that use them, well they swear by them.  

  • Conversions Skyrocket. 
  • Email Newsletter Subscribers Increase. 
  • E-commerce website bouncers become buyers

Now of course this exit intent pop-up technology isn't for everyone. AND you must always employ A/B testing to determine what works and what doesn't work. 


If you aren't seeing conversions, what's the harm in trying an exit intent pop-up. 

Annoying, yes.

Effective, MAYBE. 


You won't know until you try it. (Here are some inexpensive ones to test out). 

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