3 Labor Day B2B Marketing Tips to Connect with Prospects

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Labor day is an important holiday, and one that usually means a day off from the office, but capturing its momentum can be challenging for B2B marketers. It's a day celebrating labor and effort by giving many individuals the day off from their jobs - and, unfortunately, that means work emails as well. That means that the best attention-getting missives should be sent before the day itself - to capitalize on the growing excitement - and after, to bring pleasant memories to mind that you can associate with your brand. 

3 Labor Day Ideas for B2B Marketing

1.) Use social media on Labor Day to support and highlight your own team. 

Many times, B2B becomes a series of nearly-faceless orders and invoices as a business relationship stretches on. Labor Day marketing, either email or via social media, offers you the perfect opportunity to introduce or re-introduce members of your own company's team. You can do this by including short bio paragraphs, noting each team member's successes both in and out of the office. This is also an excellent way to highlight some cross-selling products or services to a fresh audience without leaning too heavily on existing connections and salesy emails. For example, "Susie Smith works hard for Company X, aligning existing Product Y customers with System Z upgrades for more efficiency and profitability. Thanks for your work, Susie!"

2.) Local products and services? Try a cookout.

If your clients are local, consider inviting them to a Labor Day cookout / B2B marketing event of your own. It doesn't have to be a lavish affair, just a BBQ and some hot dogs, hamburgers, and sodas, but those without any plans will be grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a holiday party. Extend invitations to both your best customers and potential leads - the former can help you talk the latter into becoming part of your clientele. For the best results - also known as a drama-free event - keep the adult beverages out of the mix and add vegetarian options to give everyone something to graze on. Invite your staff and the event can even double as a morale-booster!

3.) Whoops! Thought Labor Day was next Monday? Don't worry.

Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are hard to miss, as major store displays eagerly "switch over" as soon as they reasonably can. Labor day signage can be a little more elusive, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a B2B marketer that hasn't flat-out forgotten to save the date! If you didn't get your Labor Day-themed email or social media post out in time before the holiday, take advantage of the day after. Even just a few tongue-in-cheek pointers on how to handle post-BBQ sunburn, indigestion from too many hot dogs, or the "back to work blues" can make for an entertaining and engaging sales email. 

Labor Day may be the unsung hero of work holidays, but it will still work hard in your B2B marketing mix if you capture its momentum. Remember, many of your clients and leads are excited and happy with a 3-day weekend in their sights. A little smart marketing that associates your products with that feel-good emotion is anything but labor-intensive: it's a virtually effortless tactic that works for you

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