Friday Handshake Report: 3 Reasons Why B2B Marketing Should Be Mobile-Centric

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How B2B Brands Can Utilize GIFs in Their Social Media Strategy

GIF's are an internet favorite and many B2C brands are cathing on and incorporating them into their social media marketing strategy but are they appropriate for B2B marketing strategy or is it too unprofessional? In this blog we explore the idea of B2B brands incorporating this fun and lighthearted tactic. What are your thoughts on GIFs and brands? Leave them in the comments!


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How Social Media Leaders Are Changing Their Ads to Be More Native

Would it really be social media if there wasnt constantly new changes and updates to the platform? Last week Instagram took the next step towards more of a native advertising approach with their new feature but what does it mean for you as a consumer and as a digital advertiser? Read more about it in this blog. 


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Accelerate Your Sales Process With the Latest Mobile Marketing Tactics

We keep you updated on the latest mobile marketing news because mobile is a really, really important field. And now that it's more or less mandatory for even B2B companies to have a mobile presence, it pays to check in now and then at the latest trends. As we approach 2018, here are a few items to add to your strategic mobile marketing list!


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