3 Reasons Why Your B2B Company Should Be on Pinterest


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Copywriting and marketing naturally go together, but capturing your B2B offering in images can be a little more challenging. Customer-facing pictures, simple product and lifestyle shots, seldom have the same "mileage" when appealing to businesses. Pinterest, though it's most commonly known as a destination for wedding-planning and crafts, actually has a lot of benefits to offer in a B2B marketing setting.

It's Excellent for Relaying All-in-One Messages

Rather than counting on your audience to maintain interest as they scroll down a post on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, hedge your bets by combining images and text. A simple overlay that explains a how-to or offers bulleted reasons to sign up for a trial can deliver a one-two punch when paired with an image of your product in use. The compact nature and unique URL of a Pinterest post also makes sharing to C-suite members a breeze. 

Your Competition Is Likely Late To the Game

A presence on familiar platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is a given, but Pinterest is a little more off the beaten path, strategy-wise. A footing on Pinterest is another footing in SERPs for your business, and another tether point for your keywords. Any exposure is valuable when it comes to your customers searching for the services you provide; while a handful of large companies have discovered the power of presence on Pinterest, there is still a large amount of fertile ground for niche industries and even local marketing.

It Can Easily Tie into Content Marketing

With Pinterest, it's less important to update every day, or to have serial posts the way you might on a blog feature. Rather, it opens the door for smart marketing techniques and interlinking with more traditional posts elsewhere. That infographic you posted - or rather, "pinned" - to your Pinterest board can easily serve as the centerpiece for a LinkedIn post a week later. 

B2B marketing can get lost in the crowd very easily. When you struggle to promote your points of difference through copy, images can be the tipping point you've been searching for. If you haven't tried this unique, image-driven social media platform for your own B2B efforts, there's never been a better time to experiment.


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Emily Oswalt

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