Friday Handshake Report: 3 Ways to Better Reach Your Target Audience 

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What you missed this week on 21 Handshake: 


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Your SEO Strategy for Geo Targeting (Without Using Google Ad Words!)

Does your current SEO strategy target prospects based on location? Incorporate this aspect with Geo-trageting. This will allow you to pick specific places beyond your business address where sales decisions are made to help bring more prospects through the funnel.


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How to Mine Social Media For Customer Insights with Social Listening

Would you ever release a product without doing focus groups and primary research? No. Now imagine social media as a giant focus group. Today it's everyones favorite place to review brands and products with thier friends. Don't miss out on all of that valuable feedback because you have neglected social media listening! 


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3 Steps to Write the Perfect 'About Us' Page

You don't get long to make an impression or tell someone about what you do so crafting your perfect 'about us' page is crucial! While it seems like a place to brag about what makes your company better than the rest, you want to make sure your about page is geared more towards your audience. Master the about us page with these three tips. 


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