5 Holiday Social Media Content Ideas

 If the holiday season has you stumped for social media content, we've got your back! In todays blog we share our favorite social media content ideas..png

Ah, the holidays. It's a magical time of year when everyone in marketing is scrambling to tap into consumer momentum while simultaneously trying to get holiday content up in time. Just like the out-of-office coordination of family dinners, gatherings, and present exchanges, it's easy to feel more frantic than jolly if you don't have a plan. If you've been tempted to sneak into a holiday snow fort and refuse to come back out again, consider this holiday content list your "Rudolph nose" of guidance: 

But The Very Next Day, You Gave it Away...

If you're planning on offering any of your products for contests or giveaways, triple-check the math on your shipping windows before the holidays. A giveaway that doesn't get the "prize" to the winner before December 25th will fail to ignite a secondary flurry of winner images, posts, brand mentions, and hype surrounding the end stage of the giveaway. Flurries, after all, can make quite a storm when they get enough "oomph!" 

But Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Holidays are a time of festive cheer, but a little well-intentioned advice can get just as much mileage as more traditional content. What challenges will your customers face as they travel home to see family, cook large meals, wrap presents, or host guests? A timely post about getting a car un-stuck from a snow drift, or a quick way to salvage a burnt side dish will leave them with warm fuzzies long after their holiday sweaters are back in storage. 

Earn extra candy-cane brownie points for encouraging your audience to act responsibly during the holidays, particularly if they're planning to attend parties with drinks. A subtle link to ride-sharing apps in your posts, for example, will help them make the right choice while elevating the ethics of your brand. 

So Slip a Sable Under the Tree...

Countdown to Christmas by engaging with your social media followers - ask a question about the best gift they've ever received, or ask what they'd give a loved one if money was no object. not only will it get them in the holiday spirit, you'll learn valuable things about your audience that can be incorporated into future marketing efforts. If your product ties in naturally to these types of questions, chances are someone will bring it up. This provides you with a valuable, organic platform to discuss product benefits without seeming "salesy." 

O Come All Ye Faithful...

The real trick to sales-based marketing is continuing interest and engagement with your brand after the shopping-rush of the holidays is over. End each holiday post with a call to action to sign up for a newsletter, or hint at a New Year's secret sale just for members. The momentum of the holidays doesn't have to end when they do, it just takes smart planning to make the most out of your customers' jovial moods. If your company has a loyalty program, this is also an excellent time of year to offer promotions like free shipping or double points to encourage visits to your e-commerce store.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas...

Chances are that your offices will be closed on December 25th, but don't let that translate to empty social media feeds. Set up an auto-post for the holidays if you aren't planning to be at a computer. Your brand will stay relevant even as you're relaxing on a well-deserved break. Remember, plenty of potential customers will be idly scrolling through their phones during downtime at family gatherings - make sure that your company is the one they see pop up in their feed. Best of all, your competitors are more likely to be quiet on the posting front during these days, giving you an advantage for engagement. 

Your social media content doesn't have to take the holidays off just because you do - time it right, and you'll still enjoy the gifts of great customer connections. Your content is one of the best gifts you can give this holiday season, so put a bow on it and reap the rewards! 


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