5 Secrets to a Successful B2B Facebook Business Page

by Sarah Hayes on December 20, 2016

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Do you sometimes feel out of your depth on Facebook? Sure, it's a great place to catch up with friends or family – but do you worry that it's not the right place for your business? Don't be! Facebook can be an excellent place for B2B companies, but you have to use it the right way. So let's talk about the five things that every B2B Facebook business page needs if it wants this platform to be worth the work.

1. Provide All Pertinent Information - Succinctly

Remember that a certain number of prospects will end up at your Facebook page first. They will be using that page to learn about what products you offer, how professional you are, and your general tone/brand. Google's little bots, meanwhile, will carefully check all thecontent on your Facebook profile and use it to inform searches and page rankings. That means that you cannot ignore your profile. However, you also can't just copy-and-paste your bio and product listings straight from your website, because you don't have that much room. Fill out all profile forms possible, and use the About section to create a succinct summary of your brand and what you provide. Think of it as an elevator speech.

2. Use An Analysis Tool

We're fans of LikeAlayzer, a simple tool that will give you a report on your B2B Facebook business page that contains data designed to help your future Facebook content – data like what sort of posts get the most interaction, how long they tend to be, and what links or other content objects they usually contain. You can also compare yourself with competitors if necessary. We're not saying that you have to use LikeAlyzer, but it's a good example of a Facebook tool that offers a lot of benefits and can really help you bring in more business.

3. Never Oversell

Overselling is an issue with companies that aren't very comfortable with Facebook and just want it to bring in sales. Facebook can bring in sales and help your reach, but you need to strike the right tone. Constantly and overtly trying to sell specific products on Facebook is the equivalent of sending an email that's in all caps – you're making people uncomfortable, it's obvious you just want attention, and everyone is going to stay away from you. Save direct sales for someplace else, and use Facebook to make new friends, talk about your company/products, and generally provide useful updates for any new content you may have. Don't use your B2B Facebook business page like the platform is an advertisement flyer.

Tweet: Don't use Facebook like the platform is an advertisement flyer. 

4. Tie Your Photos to Your Brand

Facebook is a rich environment for photos, whether you're connecting to Instagram or creating original content. Posts with photos and images are far, far more likely to get likes and comments, so there's not really a reason to avoid photos. However, they need to be high-quality and closely tied to your brand. Avoid blurry or off-center photos that were obviously taken by an amateur or look lazy and unprofessional. Instead, choose clear, high-resolution photos that capture your products and projects in unique ways. Every photo should show people something about your products or services – enhance your value offering in some way, even if it's only in appearance.

5. Give People Someplace to Go

You still need those conversions – so remember to link up your B2B Facebook business page to sales/landing pages and your official website. Always have your website URL prominently displayed in your Facebook description. Try to include pertinent links in most if not all of your Facebook posts so that people can learn more about your current subject...and make a purchase if they want. If you have a particular goal to grow followers or email lists, don't be afraid to put links to online forms or other social media platforms, too.New Call-to-action


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