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5 Tips for A Customer Centric Video Strategy

by Isaac Oswalt on August 11, 2015


If you aren’t using video content marketing, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. Take a look at some of these incredible statistics:

  • Your audience is enormous. YouTube users alone watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every single day. The monthly amount of views is up 50% year over year.
  • Video causes web traffic to explode. On average you’ll receive up to 300% unique visitors and double the amount of time spent on your website.
  • Video content marketing leads directly to sales. 52% of users surveyed claimed that watching a video gives them the confidence necessary to make a purchase online.

Building a video might be simple, but you need it to stand out and resonate with your audience. You need customer centric video marketing. Here are five easy ways to make sure your content is customer centric:


Everybody Must Be Onboard

It’s not like the old days where marketing worries about customers, and everybody else focuses on their duties. Your entire company needs to be customer centric. If they are, your culture will permeate through your videos and give your audience a terrific first impression.


Make Sure to Use a Call-to-Action

You need to engage your audience beyond the video, and that means including a call-to-action. Give the viewer an idea on what their next step should be, otherwise they may never take it. Ask them to share your video with friends, check out your blog, or join your email list. Make them feel like a part of something bigger, and your video won’t get lost forever in the recesses of their mind.


Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

If you can get somebody to laugh, you’ve got them hooked. Most businesses are shy about going for humor, or too stuffy about it. You don’t need to go overboard. Be a little self-deprecating, find little ironic jokes to make. Your entire video doesn’t need to be satirical, but injecting just a dash of humor will go a long way towards making your customer centric video strategy resonate with the audience.


Solve the Customers Problem

If you really want viewer’s attention, you need to solve their problems. People aren’t too interested in your products and why they work, they’re interested in how it can fix their problem.

Make sure to attack your video content marketing from the customer’s perspective. Why are they seeking your services out? If your video solves a problem for them, they’re going to come to you when it’s time to make a purchase.


Try Multiple Channels and See What Works

Customer-centric marketing is a lot of trial and error. Create different types of videos, and promote them via multiple channels. Change titles around and use A/B testing. Afterward, take the time to analyze what worked and what didn’t. You’ll end up with a ton of data about what your customers prefer, information that helps far beyond video marketing.

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