5 Website Tips to Take You from 'Yellow Page Ad' to Lead Generator

by Isaac Oswalt on March 02, 2016


You probably know exactly what we mean by a "Yellow Page ad website." For many busy companies, especially those in the B2B community, a website is just something you have for "online presence" that contains only the bare bones of your business information. That's understandable – but it's also a waste of web space where it could become a lead generator for improving sales!

So if your website is looking a little dated and under-utilized, consider a fresh design to really get your ROI. A competent business should consider several important website tips– like these:


Brand Appearance

There's no roundabout way to put this: People like a fancy website. It makes your business look like an expert in the field and shows you pay attention to the details. Even updating your themes, fonts, and general web appearance can make a difference to new leads scouting out your business. Remember, these days even clients that you meet at trade shows or over the phone will probably pull up your website to get a better idea of your brand. A cheap one-page template won't impress them! Also remember that your competitors may be putting work into their current website appearance: First impressions are key to winning leads, and you don't want to get left behind.


In addition to getting a general idea about your brand and how online-savvy you are, people will also visit your site looking for specific product information. This may be particularly true for B2B companies that have many different versions or models of their products based on various industry standards or sizes. Providing a product catalogue on your site will help viewers find what they are looking for, make comparisons, and generally take traffic one step closer to a purchase decision. Note that you don't necessarily need to offer online purchasing options, just the details of your products (clear descriptions and images are vital here). Consider offering PDFs of your product catalogue for download and FAQ's, if nothing else.

Data Collection

We've talked about the important of contact forms and calls to action in the past, but they deserve another mention here. If your bare bones site doesn't have room for a contact form or other fill-out section, you need to change that. Even casual visitors who fill out these forms will provide valuable data on web traffic and leads that allow you to analyze your customers. Even the simplest single-pace website can successfully include a contact form!

Word to the Wise

Another reason clients will take a glance at your website is to make sure that you are who you say you are, and that you are dependable enough to do business with. This is why an important part of the business website is a testimonials or reviews page, where you collect positive experiences that past clients have had and display them. These testimonials are often enough to push many potential leads further down the funnel toward a sale.

The Inevitable Mobile Moment

We have to mention mobile yet again. With more and more people – including key decision makers – making decisions based on mobile searchers, you want a website design that works well with smartphones and tablets. So while you are updating, consider optimizing for the mobile experience as well: Your future brand will thank you for it.


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