6 Main Factors that Determine if Your Facebook Post Shows in the News Feed

by Emily Oswalt on February 09, 2017

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"How many people see my Facebook posts?" We bet you've wondered that in the past. It's an important question for social media marketing – actually, it's a lot more important now than it was in the past. Facebook's "organic search," or followers naturally noticing your posts in their news feeds, have drastically fallen in recent years. Some studies show there's only a 2% chance any follower sees a brand's post!

There are a few reasons for this – like a flood of brand content that's crowding up feeds, and changes to the way the feed works – but here's the bottom line: It's important to know how a Facebook post is published and viewed. Here's what affects how frequently your post is seen.

1. When a Post is Published

Aside from Internet connection snafus, a post Is transferred to the News Feed right after you post it and steadily loses visibility afterward. That means that time of posting has a big impact on how many people see the post. We've discussed when B2B companies should post on Facebook before, but the bottom line is that you need to know your target audience and when they hop on social media. Post during that window, and you'll get a lot more eyeballs before the post gets lost in an ever-flowing feed.

2. How Well-Received a Post Is

Yes, the Facebook algorithm also takes into account the associated activity on a post. If your post gets lots of reactions, likes, and comments, it will stay more prominent in the news feeds of your followers, and may bounce up toward the top more often. Obviously this makes it tempting to just post the most reactionary posts possible to get more activity, but remember that a post has other purposes as well.

3. How Often People Interact with Your Page/Similar Pages

The behavior of your followers matters, too! If people tend to frequently like or comment on your Facebook posts, then Facebook will give your future posts higher priority for those people. It's the old, "If you like this, we'll give you more of it," approach. Facebook has received some criticism for this part of its practices, but for now this part of the news feed equation is still in place, which means your more active fans will be seeing more of your posts.

4. Type of Post Content

Facebook directly states that the type of post you make will affect how likely it is to show up in a news feed. The company doesn't offer much more information than that, but it's easy to guess what they are talking about: Facebook gives higher priority to posts that are more than just basic text. That means that photos and videos will receive more attention in the feed, and better placement overall. Fortunately, this type of content is great for marketing too, so it's a win-win all around.

5. General Activity in the Industry

This goes back to how the news feed is being so diluted with brand posts that visibility has plummeted. People are just seeing too many brand Facebook posts these days. However, this is also affected by the industry you are in, and just how crowded it is with Facebook posts. Most people don't want and won't notice yet another restaurant post. However, posts from more unusual brands get noticed more easily, which leads to higher priority through the factors we already noted. This is good news for B2Bs, because they don't have an overwhelming Facebook presence.

6. How Smart Your Publishing Strategy Is

That's right, not everything is decided by Facebook. Your own social media behavior has a big impact on visibility in the news feed. Replying readily to comments, paying for particular post boosts, spending more time building a thorough business page, encouraging engagement – all these things will help more people see your posts. Even basic quality control is important and can help with visibility! So make sure that your own Facebook strategy is filled with best practices.

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