6 Tips to Creating a Remarkable Brand

by Sarah Hayes on September 17, 2015

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Brand storytelling is all the rage in the digital marketing space. While a lot of companies are having fun with it, others are still figuring out the 'how to' of telling your brand story correctly. If you feel like you're in the latter group, no worries! 

The key to creating a remarkable brand story (or any story, for that matter) is that it's meaningful and worthwhile. But even if you have the most poetic brand story around, you'll still need to how to communicate it to the world. 

1. Know Your Identity

Every story needs a protagonist. In your brand story, you'll need one that your audience can relate to. 

Do you know what demographics and interests your audience has in common? Once you can successfully generalize your average customer, you can create a protagonist that customer finds relatable.

2. Use Traditional Elements

Don't recreate the wheel! Traditional elements of a story include: an introduction, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action and resolution. The only difference is your brand story will be a continuous loop. You'll be recycling your brand story in different ways as you grow.

3. Be People-Focused

Even if your company is B2B, you need to communicate how you help the people that work in these companies. Are you making their lives easier? Improving productivity? Focus on how you're helping people.

4. Make the Connection

Remarkable branding will also involve tying a story back to your business and what you do. The prospective buyer will know how you will benefit them, and the story should make it easy to remember.

5. Use Videos and Images

You've probably heard how visual content brings more engagement. One report estimates that video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. It's already half of mobile traffic! 

6. Allow Others to Add to the Story

Brand stories go viral because they're shared and people adopt those stories. Allow people to add to your story! You can set up a hash tag for people to use, or encourage people to share in other ways. 

Get to Know the 21 Handshake Story!

Looking for an example of a brand story? We'd be honored to share ours. Click here to check it out. 

Once your brand story is ready, share it on your website, blog, social media, emails and wherever else you can get the word out. 


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