8 Genius Ideas for Your Next Social Media Post

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There might come a point in your business when social media starts to feel....tired. You've already shared the latest joke, the last big event, the newest "please pay attention" photo. You and your followers are tired of contests, blog links, and random platitudes. You're not sure that the content is getting the signals it needs, and you don't want to try re-using the same formulas.

It's time for something new, something that breaks out of the rut. Here are the top social media post ideas that we've found make excellent additions to the "same old" rotation. Pick a few that you like and make them a part of your posting strategy!

1. Exciting Local Opportunities

We know that sounds like a job board, but in regard to social media posts, it's a good idea. There are frequent local volunteer opportunities, specials on tickets, new parks opening, interesting job openings, and much more. Pick those that are semi-related to your industry, and make a post talking about them. This shows that you are involved in your community, and gives your social profile an extra bit of usefulness in the eyes of viewers.

2. People at Work, Right Now, in Your Office or At Your Site

Try this, it's easy and fun: Look up, right now, and snap a few pictures on your phone of people working around the office. Wait until an important project comes up, or head out to a building site if necessary, but take a few easy photos of the people you work with, doing everyday work things. Pick the clearest images with the best framing, and use them for social media posts. Social media viewers enjoy this glimpse into everyday business operations: It increases their trust while also getting you likes and comments.

3. Playlists that You Like

Posting music has become an increasingly popular option on sites like Facebook as brands start to get more inventive. Is there a playlist around the office or work site that you particularly enjoy or that exemplifies your company in a certain way? Gather up the songs and post the list to social media so that other people can also enjoy it. Of course, this can be risky – there's no guarantee other people will have the same appreciation of the playlist that you do, and picking random songs probably isn't a good idea. Only use this one if it is appropriate.

4. Highlight a Team Member or Leader

Snap a photo of team member or leader that has an important job and introduce them. This is particularly popular among companies with more "boring" business operations that are struggling to think of new, interesting posts. Once a week or so, highlight an important or productive employee and give a brief description of what makes them great. These shoutouts resonate with viewers and shine a light on the company too.

5. Blast from the Past

From Throwback Thursday to A Year Ago Today, social media is widely accepting of taking a look at the past. Use this to your advantage! On occasion, take a look into the past of the company. What was happening one year, five years, or ten years ago? How and when did the company get started? What major changes have happened? Talk about details like these and include followers on your journey.

6. A Talk about Technology

Have you adopted any new technology lately, especially when it comes to customer support and communication? The answer is often yes, and it makes for a great social post: Simply introduce the new technology and give a brief explanation of why you are excited about it. This is especially productive when adopting new tech like chatbots that customers may be unsure of.

7. Fun Industry Trivia Time

Collect interesting trivia about your industry and how people use your products. Start including these facts in your social posts to increase interest. Make sure that you pick the right kind of trivia – things that really will raise eyebrows or provide insight on things left hidden to the average buyer.

8. A Very Special Message

Have a manager, CEO, company owner, etc. provide a brief message that can be posted over Facebook. It doesn't have to be anything too specific – a common option is a brief note of thanks to the public and buyers for helping the company along. Company leaders may also want to talk about new products or services, important changes, or other topics that they are excited about. People will often pause if they see something written directly from an authority.

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Ashley Mamula

As Social Media Coordinator, Ashley is constantly researching the latest social trends, and has a passion for creating engaging content. She is a recent grad of Grand Valley State University and has spent the past few years working as an Account Associate on Grand Valley’s student-run public relations firm, GrandPR. On the weekends you can find her doing DIY projects or running around with her puppy, Odin.

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