8 Tips for Creating Killer B2B Content On Your Blog

by Sarah Hayes on November 05, 2015

B2B Blogging

We've talked a bit about B2B blogging before, but we haven't really dug deep into what good B2B blogs look like. Coming up with the perfect content is always a challenge – so we've built a list of tips for you to consider when making your business blog.

1. Remember Who the Expert Is

You are. You are the expert. That's why you have a blog, right? Potential customers are looking for someone who knows their stuff, understands what projects require, and can guarantee service because they see the needs of the industry. Your blog is an important tool in cementing your expertise! It's not a place to get wimpy and shrink back to innocuous posts about the weather and local events: It's a place to be strong, authoritative, interesting, and all those other feelings you get after a few cocktails.

 2. Go Outside the Company

Part of your blog should be about internal matters, and that's fine. But for really catching the interest of a B2B audience, you need to talk about things that happen outside your company. Let's face it, the businesses out there don't really care about you at all – they have no relationship with you, not yet. But they do care about what is happening in their industry, what market forces are at work, what important new technology or materials are entering the scene, etc. It is more important than ever to focus on these external events for a B2B blog.

 3. Go Behind The Scenes

Obviously, you want to talk about your company a little bit. Blogging is a great way to give some information that customers cannot see just by visiting your site. We are talking about interviews with company leaders, behind-the-scenes video tours of your kitchen/factory/office, and talk about the birth of your company. Not only does this help humanize you, it provides valuable information for someone looking to enter into a contract.

 4. Tell Them Things No One Else Can

There's a problem with creating a business blog, and it's that everyone else has one, too. It's not enough to simply report on news or events – you have to provide information no one else can. Here the "expert" part of the blog comes in again. Develop your own theories, compare and contrast, pull out some journalism skills and really add your spin. When talking about products or services, don't repeat your info pages, talk about new possibilities instead.

 5. Display Data Creatively

Data, of course, is a great way to meet many of the points we just discussed. But when you tap into data from any source, get creative in your displays. Many tools allow you to create simple, shareable infographics. Other data is suitable for a video or a slideshow. At least give a handy list – don’t just type out a report, whatever you do. Your visitors have seen enough of those. 

 6. Use Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is a common practice to help improve SEO and increase attention drawn to your blog. It's very effective – if you pick smart guest bloggers from the industry that will actually draw in new visitors. Develop communication throughout your business space and tap into guest blogging for more opportunities. It doesn't have to be too regular, but it does make a nice change.

 7. Not Too Long, Not Too Short

Don't write long essays. Keep your posts shorter – end around 500 - 700 words or so, except in very special cases where you need to dig deep into an important issue.

 8. Stay Current, Not Random

When searching for topics, keep it current. Current blog posts about ongoing events or news allow you to tie current interest into your products or services. You have a better chance at getting more views by tapping into modern topics.


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