A Perfect Strategy for an Effective B2B Content Marketing Plan

by Isaac Oswalt on December 23, 2015


Any growing, successful business needs to have a business plan and a marketing plan. It makes sense that if you want to start growing your B2B content marketing, you would need to write down a specific marketing plan.

 Why Does a Content Marketing Plan Matter?

Content marketing seems simple enough, but it’s pretty tricky to pin down. Only 30% of marketers using content to drive their B2B marketing strategy found their content strategy to be effective. B2C marketers were only slightly more effective.

According to Bruce Rogers, the Chief Insights Officer at Forbes.com, these failures aren’t due to a lack of effort. He claims CMOs are spending more money than ever on content, but they’re just not that good at it yet. If your company doesn’t have a CMO, you’re even further behind the ball. Having a sensible, strategic plan in place is your best bet at success.

The importance of a content marketing plan goes beyond avoiding failure. It’s vital for your brand and message. If your content doesn’t reflect the same message and values that your traditional advertising does, your audience ends up confused. Integrating your marketing efforts is the best way to really grow your brand and connect with your audience.

How Do I Make Sure My Content Marketing Plan is Effective?

Like any effective business or marketing plan, your content marketing plan is going to be a bit complicated. There’s a lot of moving parts, so there has to be a lot of detail. A successful content marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Mission. What are you trying to gain out of your B2B content marketing? Prospects? Conversions? Every decision you make after this should flow from your mission.

  • Target audience. Content marketing is all about providing your audience value. Knowing your audience is half the battle.

  • Content. Creating value, of course, is the second half of the battle. What kind of information and expertise do you have that your audience could benefit from?

  • Channels. How do you plan on getting your content seen? Do you want to focus on blogs, podcasts, videos, or something else?

  • Analytics. Gathering data is key to figuring out what your audience cares about and what they don’t. How are you going to gather it? What data matters the most?


If you need help building the perfect content marketing strategy, make sure to reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to sit down, shake your hand, and figure out how to help you dominate in 2016. Our free Mitten Marketing Guide is a step by step workbook to help guide your prospects to you through content marketing. 


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