Analysis Of 6 Annoying B2B Social Media Habits: Here's What We Learned

by Emily Oswalt on January 04, 2017

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We've seen a lot of B2B social media in the past year. That's good news! It means B2B companies are growing more accustomed to social platforms, forming larger communities with their buyers. But there's also some bad news – we see a lot of social media mistakes, too. Here are several of the worst offenses, and how we need to leave them behind as 2017 begins.

1. Posting Without Saying Anything

This is annoying when our friends do it, but it's even worse when companies try it out. Every post has to mean something. You are trying to engage with prospects and build your brand. Unfortunately, B2B companies sometimes imitate inane social media chatter too well. They talk about the weather instead of talking about their products, or mention the latest gossip instead of the latest deals. They post quotes and sayings instead of product images and important client questions.

These posts are a giant waste of time, and social media doesn't need more of them. Strong social content provides meat – information, conversation, analysis. Don't create a post just to have a post.

2. Talking! About! Limited Time! Deals!!!

We have to give B2B businesses some credit for this mistake, because we're seeing it less these days – but it's still a big problem. You cannot copy phrases from your old advertising flyers onto social media and expect it to do the job. Nothing turns people away from your brand to see a constant feed of exclamation points and direct selling. The more you do it, the more desperate you look. Besides, people don't go on social media to read pure marketing blurbs. They go to be entertained and find out deeper information about a company.

Sure, you can post special offers and deals, especially when your tone is friendly and informative. But stay away from the spammy, sales talk stuff. Social media is no place for it.

3. Ignoring Everyone Else On Social Media

One of the best things about social media is the ability to encourage community and customer involvement through responses, comments, likes, shares and a variety of other signals. That's why it's so frustrating when businesses don't do this! One of the worst mistakes that B2B companies can make is treating social media like a waste of time, something that they have to do to appease a certain portion of their market. That leads to a bunch of posts that are flung out into the void and then completely ignored. That's not how social media works, people!

The most successful companies are those that that invite comments, encourage shares, and answer questions in social media. They also happily like, share and comment on other quality posts connected to their industry.

4. Double or Triple Posting

Imagine as a loyal follower, how annoying it can be to see a post from your brand – and then see that same post again, in the same platform – and then again. Sometimes you get a whole row of the same post repeated so often you can't see anything else in your feed. There's no quicker way to lose a follower! Unfortunately, this is a common problem for B2B social media that use robust scheduling software. Unwary companies may schedule posts for multiple social platforms, then schedule those platforms to post to each other, and so on. Before long, people may log into Facebook and see the same post several times in a row. It's annoying and looks very sloppy.

When using scheduling software, pay attention to the details and test out the system!

5. Posting Several Times a Day

There may be cases, in a very eventful day, when several tweets are called for, but this is only something that Twitter can get away with. Posting several times a day to other platforms is unnecessary and very frustrating from an ROI perspective, because you aren't really netting more responses that way – you're just in danger of annoying your current followers.

Pick the right time of the day and week to post, and keep your posts to a minimum. Pick the important stuff, get rid of the fluff.

6. Repeating Rumors and Clickbait

We know that it's tempting to repost or repeat very popular gossip or clickbaity headlines to help increase social traffic. But in the long term, this is going to hurt your social campaign badly. B2B companies in particular can't get away with this: Rumors and clickbait look unprofessional, and prospects will stay away from social profiles that try to use them.

Instead, focus on original content that talks about what your brand has to offer – it's hard to go wrong with that!

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Emily Oswalt

As social media manager at 21 Handshake, my passion of social media shines through to bring awareness to your brand. From the latest hashtag trend to engaging influencers, my desire is provide the best content to get your target audience talking online.