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Articulating The Why Behind Your Manufacturing Business


This is the last piece in our blog series "Strategic Tactics for Manufacturing Business Growth". We really enjoyed talking about some of the most prevalent challenges you face every day. 

I want to leave you with one last thought that I hope will be your guiding principle for the remainder of this year and years to come.

Start with Why.

Want to make a difficult change in your business or life? Start with Why.

Want to motivate employees to produce higher quality work? Start with Why.

Want to sell more products? Start with Why.

So many times we get confused about what we're really doing and why we're really doing it. To make a change, we need to understand how we got there in the first place!

So take a step back and ask why... let that guide you to the decisions that will make you more successful than ever before. 

This concept comes from Simon Sinek, author, motivator, optimitist. He stands by articulating the Why of your organization because Your organization is one of the things you've created to bring your personal Why to life. 

I started 21 Handshake to be a leader in helping manufacturing business experience growth using the right combination of powerful digital marketing tools. If you would like to discuss your business and how 21 Handshake may play a role, contact me. It’s why I get out of bed every morning.

Thanks so much!


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Isaac Oswalt

Owner of 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. Futurist in nature, Isaac displays a deep desire to preserve the human element in today's business. Trust being the ultimate currency, his clients appreciate that "new and stronger handshakes" is a success metric in their businesses.

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