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As operations manager at 21 Handshake, I bring an analytical perspective to the discussion table. My vision is to take projects from 'just strong' to superb. Often you will find me capturing behind the scenes photos in the 21 Handshake office or at a clients location. I play a fierce round of 18 during warm weather and catch me on the slopes during the other months of the year!

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by Aleks Vizulis on April 19, 2017

5 Chatbot Features That Accomplish What Email Can't

We’ve been discussing the interesting rise of chatbots as a sales tool, and how chatbots currently have around 10x better open/interaction rates than email. This has led to some pointed questions, such as, "So what types of communication are better through a chatbot than email? If my business wants to use a chatbot, what should we change? Because email is working pretty great for us."

If email is working for you, good! Keep using email marketing. But chatbots can accomplish things in real time in a way that a flurry of emails cannot do. Here are several examples of the different chatbot features that companies are creating to take communication several steps beyond the standard email.

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by Aleks Vizulis on April 10, 2017

7 Reasons Chatbots Get 10x Higher Open Rates Than Email

We've talked about chatbots and how much they cost before: These programs open up chat windows on sites and talked directly to customers. They have some handy AI (very advanced AI in some cases) that allows them to carry out real conversations with people at any time, and can be programmed to handle nearly anything you want.

Sounds cool, right? But what you may not know is that chatbots are showing great results in the industries currently trying them out. We're talking about 10x higher open rates than email – in other words, people are 10x more likely to engage with a chatbot! So, what makes these little AI features so effective? Here are the top reasons buyers are excited about them.

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by Aleks Vizulis on April 03, 2017

6 Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Video Marketing

We've provided advice in the past about how to improve your video marketing efforts on YouTube and similar platforms for an SEO boost and broader reach. Now we're going to talk about what you should never do on YouTube – or any other video platform, for that matter. These are the mistakes that will make all your work on video marketing content mean very little. Stop doing these things. Stop it now.

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by Aleks Vizulis on March 27, 2017

7 Invaluable Hacks for YouTube Video Content Success

YouTube isn't just a video source – it's also one of the most popular sites for gathering information and news, right behind stars like Facebook. If YouTube video content isn't part of your marketing strategy yet...well, that should probably change sooner rather than later.

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by Aleks Vizulis on March 21, 2017

5 Pro Tips to Get Your Content Into Google Answer Box


You've probably seen them at the top of search engine pages – those boxes that specifically answer data-oriented questions fast. If you want to ask Google, "What is inbound marketing?" you don't even have to look at site links, because that answer box up top will tell you.

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by Aleks Vizulis on March 09, 2017

6 Reasons You Have a High Website Bounce Rate

Website bounce rates are a favorite metric for judging just how effective a web page is: If a lot of people are immediately leaving once they load a page, then something is wrong. That's why we've gathered the top reasons for high bounce rates and what you should do about them. 

Note: Aren't sure what your website bounce rate should be? Take a look at our advice on finding out your industry bounce rate averages and where you fit it when compared to your competitors!

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 27, 2017

How an Instagram Feed Theme Can Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

When a brand gets ready to start or ramp up an Instagram account, eventually someone has to ask the important questions, "So...what are we going to take pictures of?" This isn't just about posting a particular image – it's about the broad use your Instagram feed them. What should this account be about? What sort of aesthetic and appearance should it have? At a glance, what does your Instagram feed say?

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 20, 2017

How Secondary SEO Attracts Increased Visitors to Your Website

People talk a lot about picking primary keywords, but less about choosing your secondary keywords. In fact, many brands don't even get to secondary keywords at all, which is a pity – because they can help, and it really doesn't take that much work to incorporate them. So let's do a quick FAQ on why you need to pick up secondary SEO tactics.

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 13, 2017

Why People Share Your Content Marketing vs. Linking to It

Friends, we have to talk about your content marketingt: Are people linking to it from their sites and blogs? Are they really linking to it, or just sharing it? Sharing it on social media is nice, but it doesn't guarantee as much traffic to your website, and it isn't nearly as good for your SEO. Linking is preferable, but guess what? Most people just share, and don't even think about linking. Let's look at why.

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 07, 2017

6 Things Not to Do On Your Facebook Business Page

We like to see Facebook used correctly – both by B2B brands on their Facebook business page, and by our old aunt who still uses it as a search engine. So let's take a break from all the advice about how to properly leverage Facebook, and talk about it a different way: Here are the top things we really don't like to see businesses try on Facebook. And yet, we still see these mistakes – regularly.

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