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As operations manager at 21 Handshake, I bring an analytical perspective to the discussion table. My vision is to take projects from 'just strong' to superb. Often you will find me capturing behind the scenes photos in the 21 Handshake office or at a clients location. I play a fierce round of 18 during warm weather and catch me on the slopes during the other months of the year!

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 07, 2017

6 Things Not to Do On Your Facebook Business Page

We like to see Facebook used correctly – both by B2B brands on their Facebook business page, and by our old aunt who still uses it as a search engine. So let's take a break from all the advice about how to properly leverage Facebook, and talk about it a different way: Here are the top things we really don't like to see businesses try on Facebook. And yet, we still see these mistakes – regularly.

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by Aleks Vizulis on February 01, 2017

What's Your B2B Video Social Media Strategy?

Short-from videos are 2017’s must-do B2B marketing strategy. Marketing videos build brand awareness and drive conversions. Adding a video to a landing page can increase the conversion rate by as much as 80%, reports Vidyard. Videos are equally important for keeping your current user base engaged. How-to videos, for example, ensure users get the most value out of your product, paving the way for future upselling.

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by Aleks Vizulis on January 24, 2017

3 Secrets for Successful B2B Video Marketing

Earlier this month, Contently founder Shane Snow called short form video “the biggest opportunity for content marketers.” Shane joins a growing chorus of marketing experts who are hailing short-form video as “the next wave in storytelling” and “the future of brand marketing.”

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by Aleks Vizulis on January 16, 2017

FAQ's that Take the Mystery Out of YouTube Live Streaming

If you're looking for ways to advance your marketing content right up to the cutting edge, you need to explore livestreaming. This extremely trendy use of online video to broadcast real-time events has plenty of uses in nearly any industry – and it's available on popular platforms like YouTube. What, you say? Livestreaming on YouTube?  Yup – let's go over the basics.

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by Aleks Vizulis on January 09, 2017

Business Website vs. Facebook Business Page: Do I Really Need Both?

From time to time we get the question, "Can our company work with just a robust Facebook business page, or do we need both a full business website and Facebook?" It's a popular question because Facebook accounts are very easy to set up, while professional websites are expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. It's a tempting idea to see if one can be cut out. So let's take a look at the pros of each, and see what really works.

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by Aleks Vizulis on January 03, 2017

6 Secrets to Creating Email Marketing that Actually Gets Opened 

What's the most important part of your email marketing? We bet, after a little thought, you answered, "The email subject line." It's one of the first things people look at, and it makes a powerful first impression no matter what the email contains. For many people, it's the difference between deleting an email and actually opening it! So it's worthwhile to spend time crafting your email subject line. But what does that look like for B2B companies who want to establish healthy client relationships via email marketing? We've several tips you should keep in mind:

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by Aleks Vizulis on December 26, 2016

SEO Tactics 101: White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat Strategies Defined

When discussing SEO tactics, rankings, and linking, there is a lot of chatter surrounding white hat, grey hat, and black hat strategies. While the names were borrowed from hacking culture, the meanings remain pertinent – practices that are legal, uncertain, and illegal. Curious what this means for content? Let's take a closer look!

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by Aleks Vizulis on December 19, 2016

Digital Marketing Challenges: 3 to Leave in 2016 and 3 to Tackle in 2017

Everyone likes to talk about new plans for 2017, but there's another aspect to getting ready for a new year – something that comes up when discussing budgets and long-term digital marketing challenges and strategies: What are we going to leave behind? Let's face it, some trends are good year-long events but need to be discarded when you're sharpening up your new plans. So what can you leave behind in 2016, and what needs more focus in 2017? We took a look at the trends, and made a quick list for you to review. Check it out!

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by Aleks Vizulis on December 07, 2016

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5 Content Optimization Tips for Navigational User Intent

It's time to talk about navigational user intent! This type of user intent is easy to parse – people want to find a particular website, so they search for it. They know where they are going, and they are using the search engine as a travel route to get there ASAP. So, if prospects out there are trying to find your website, how can you make sure their intent is fulfilled? Let's talk about it.

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by Aleks Vizulis on December 01, 2016

Why Moving to a Not.Com Could Prepare Your Website For Future Success

Ever since "not-coms" burst onto the scene a couple years ago, marketers have been tiptoeing around the subject, wondering just what they should do about it and waiting for someone else to make the first move. There are several reasons to believe that 2017 (+) will be the year (s) that these personalized domain names become far more popular – and we want you to be ready. Here's a quick FAQ to see if you need to put some plans for your own in the pipeline.

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