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As operations manager at 21 Handshake, I bring an analytical perspective to the discussion table. My vision is to take projects from 'just strong' to superb. Often you will find me capturing behind the scenes photos in the 21 Handshake office or at a clients location. I play a fierce round of 18 during warm weather and catch me on the slopes during the other months of the year!

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Your SEO Strategy for Geo Targeting (without using Google Ad Words!)

Geo targeting is a more advanced local SEO strategy: It focuses on finding out where prospects are making decisions around your city (typically on mobile devices), then targets content specifically for those locations. Geo-targeting allows you to pick specific places beyond your business address where sales decisions are made – and bring more of those prospects across the finish line. Here's how to make it work for you.

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3 Reasons Timestamped Blog Posts May Perform Better

Google drives the vast majority of content creation - how the search engine giant responds to, indexes, and places various pieces of content steers the practice as a whole. Google is in turn driven by the individual searcher: you can bet if searchers are gravitating towards a content format, it will be in a cheerfully-named algorithm update sooner or later. Throughout those recent cheerfully-named updates, one constant has emerged without showing any signs of slowdown: freshness. In fact, so much emphasis is placed on fresh, original content that it spawned a variety of must-haves in marketing: content calendars, social media campaigns, page updates and so on. 

So where does that leave dated blog posts? In a prime spot for capturing reader trust and engagement. 

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Pros vs. Cons of Website Push Notifications

You've probably seen website push notifications before. These are the requests that pop up on a variety of websites, asking if you want that site to send you messages in the future. The request typically comes with a "block" or "allow" option for visitors to choose. If they choose allow, you can send small updates and messages to their computer, which show up similar to an app alert. Google has a piece explaining the code behind this process if you are curious.

The more immediate question is: Are push notifications a good idea for your brand? They come with notable pros as well as serious cons, so let's take a look at the trend and what it means for your brand. 

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Nine Word Email Template Revives Sales Leads

Sales leads are a little like fresh produce. The longer they're allowed to sit without being inspected or utilized, the greater the chance they'll lose their utility altogether. The problem is, no one likes annoying "reminder" emails filled with hyperbole - a.k.a. the most popular sales technique - so what's a B2B business to do? The answer to your email marketing woes might just be in, believe it or not, a simple 9 word email template created by Dean Jackson.
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3 Labor Day B2B Marketing Tips to Connect with Prospects

Labor day is an important holiday, and one that usually means a day off from the office, but capturing its momentum can be challenging for B2B marketers. It's a day celebrating labor and effort by giving many individuals the day off from their jobs - and, unfortunately, that means work emails as well. That means that the best attention-getting missives should be sent before the day itself - to capitalize on the growing excitement - and after, to bring pleasant memories to mind that you can associate with your brand. 

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3 Rules for Content Marketing Success (that most brands get wrong)

In B2B marketing, the biggest trap that companies fall into is the pursuit of the "One True Way" of developing their content and reaching their audience. Someone on the team - maybe even a leader - heard, read, or listened to something that sounded like a good idea and now wants to base your entire strategy on it. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, the problem is that strategies tend to be static, while marketing tends to be mobile - literally, in some cases. You can't pin down something that needs to change with the times by adhering to the same tactics over and over and over. 

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Mobile Bounce Rate : 5 Benchmarked Tactics To Improve Yours

Google's new mobile benchmark data report, released early this year, has a ton of useful for information for developers looking to improve mobile performance. Considering how important the mobile experience is these days, it's definitely worth a read.

One section that Google went in-depth on was the issue of mobile bounce rates. We already took a look at how mobile sites that fail to load within 3 seconds are just asking for a high bounce rate. But Google also delved deeper into benchmark data for a variety of industry comparisons that can help you find out exactly what parts of your mobile site to improve. Let's jump into the data to find out what suggestions Google is making behind the scenes.

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5 Secrets from a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes Contest

From Costco food samples to vacation sweepstakes, there’s nothing Americans love more than freebies. Facebook is ground zero for capitalizing on our love for freebies to grow a social media fan base and increase brand awareness. One of the easiest contests to run is a simple Facebook sweepstakes contest where entrants only have submit their email addresses for a chance to win a prize. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a tropical resort vacation. This year, our team successfully completed a Facebook Yeti cooler giveaway for a client that increased the company’s Facebook fan base from 100 to 1,000 followers within a month.

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An Important SEO Component You May Be Missing: Googlebot Optimization

There is a part of the SEO process that isn't discussed quite as much as the other aspects – the Googlebot, or how Google scans sites for information used in page ranking. And while we love to talk about the value of content (important!) and tags (also important!), it's good to remember that this busy little bot needs all the help that it can get.

That's why Googlebot optimization is a small but important part of your web design, and definitely worth talking about. Here's what to know to make sure Google has no problems with your site.

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Facebook Video: 6 Reasons the First 3 Seconds are Vital to Success

Facebook videos! They get results, sometimes they engage even better than a great photo, and brands are highly encouraged to try them out – especially if you have some strong video concepts elsewhere that can be adapted to Facebook. There's only one significant catch: You only have a few seconds to win people.

Does that sound harsh? In today's demanding social media world, it's pretty reasonable: Three seconds is actually a whole lot of time, as long as you use it correctly. Let's take a look at why that precious handful of moments has become so important.

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