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As Social Media Coordinator, Ashley is constantly researching the latest social trends, and has a passion for creating engaging content. She is a recent grad of Grand Valley State University and has spent the past few years working as an Account Associate on Grand Valley’s student-run public relations firm, GrandPR. On the weekends you can find her doing DIY projects or running around with her puppy, Odin.

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8 Ways to Craft a Creative Social Media Engagement Reply

Here's some good news: When someone has commented or messaged on your social media, you've already won. You've reached the goal of social media engagement. That person is engaging – but now you need to see if you can bring them further down the sales funnel (or at least grow the brand). It's time for your social media response. Here are the top tips to remember!

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How to Mine Social Media for Customer Insights with Social Listening

Ever wished you had a crystal ball and knew exactly what your customers were thinking? When used correctly, social media listening can be a lot more accurate than a crystal ball. Major companies like Intel, H&M, and Ikea all use social listening to discover candid feedback that helps their business differentiate products and services from the competition. Is your company prepared to capitalize on these insights?

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What Not to Do: Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We've discussed the perils of Instagram's shadowbans and the sort of practices that can lead to shadowbanning, but there are many ways to be bad at Instagram marketing. Let's take a look at the mistakes that may not get you banned, but can absolutely damage your brand if you aren't careful. 

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