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As Social Media Coordinator, Ashley is constantly researching the latest social trends, and has a passion for creating engaging content. She is a recent grad of Grand Valley State University and has spent the past few years working as an Account Associate on Grand Valley’s student-run public relations firm, GrandPR. On the weekends you can find her doing DIY projects or running around with her puppy, Odin.

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7 Signs that Make a Good Instagram Influencer

We've covered the benefits of finding an Instagram influencer to work with: From Instagram takeovers to advice and references, an IG influencer is a great way to grow your Instagram audience and find better ROI on social media. But B2B companies run into a problem here – their social media world isn't exactly flooded with examples of a great Instagram partner, and it can be difficult to find strong potential influencers that can make a by-the-numbers difference. To make it easier, here are the top signs you should be looking for.

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7 Reasons an Instagram Influencer Skyrocket Account Growth

We have posted before on the general value of marketing influencers and how exactly they represent your brand to their own audiences. But there is a more unique creature on the rise: The Instagram influencer. Pay this influencer, and they will make a post about your brand on their feed, essentially showing and recommending it to all their followers, along with providing the necessary links to learn more. Does this work? It does – in the right circumstances. Let’s look at the biggest advantages.

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Digital Marketing Campaign Benchmarks May Be Different Than You Think

Everywhere you turn these days there's a new blog post touting a digital marketing transformation story:

  • Krylon sent DIY experts to buy “worthless” yard sale items and transform them into something desirable and then shared the transformations on Pinterest using the buyable pin feature. Krylon’s Pinterest following jumped by 400 percent and the company estimates it generated $2.7 million in earned media coverage.
  • In 2015, Domino’s launched a permanent tweet-based ordering system where users can tweet at the Domino’s twitter account using the hashtag #easyorder and an emoji to place an order, generating earned media coverage on Good Morning America and USA Today. More than half of Domino’s orders now come from social media.
  • The American Express-backed OPEN Forum is a collaborative website targeting small business owners and entrepreneurs with guest authored content. This content-rich site ranks at the top of Google searches and since the content all comes from contributors, American Express didn’t have to foot the bill for a big content marketing investment.
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The Anatomy Of Hosting an Instagram Takeover

The Instagram "Takeover" is an interesting social media phenomenon that brands created specifically to increase their audiences while partnering with other businesses or people. Basically, you allow someone to take over your Instagram feed for a specific period of time and post their own photos on your feed. Both audiences get exposure to another Instagrammer, which leads to more social interaction and a boost in follower numbers. Plus, it's a fun little way to take a look at the business or industry through someone else's eyes. Here's the process to set up one of these Takeovers for your Instagram!

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Friday Handshake Report: Do You Measure Up on Social Media?

Recently TrackMaven, surveyed what data are most important to digital marketers that will show that their efforts are successful. Among the highest ranking results were social media analytics which is not shocking for what marketing looks like today. This also shows how important it is to keep up in this ever changing world that is social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, digital marketing etc... 

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