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As social media manager at 21 Handshake, my passion of social media shines through to bring awareness to your brand. From the latest hashtag trend to engaging influencers, my desire is provide the best content to get your target audience talking online.

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6 Tips to Increase Comments on Your Business Instagram Account

As you know if you follow our blog, we like to keep you updated with the latest Instagram tips and strategies for getting better results, acquire more followers, and earn more social signals like comments. That's why we've talked about Instagram hacks, what people respond to on Instagram, and other related topics. In our ongoing effort to keep you up to date, we present our guide designed specifically to increase the comments you get on Instagram. Since social signals appear to now be affecting how visible Instagram posts are, comments are becoming increasingly important. Here's how to help get more of them on your Instagram business account!

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The SMM Balancing Act: Why Are Facebook Hashtags Falling Flat?

If you're a regular on Facebook as well as their social media rivals Twitter and Instagram, you may notice an unusual difference between the sites' feeds. While hashtags are a familiar occurrence in the fast-paced user interfaces of the latter two, Facebook hashtags are notably sparse on Facebook itself. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is somewhat notorious for keeping his proverbial cards close to the vest, at least in terms of metrics. That means that hard data for hashtags on Facebook is elusive, and we may be watching a trend that defies accurate charting even as it begins the slow digital fade into obscurity. So what gives? Hashtags are clearly a proven concept in the marketing sphere, users are clearly responding to them, and Facebook remains popular as a platform - why aren't the pieces connecting?

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Are You In Violation of Instagram Repost Etiquette?

As a brand, you know that putting out consistent, high-quality content is crucial. With page copy and blog posts, you already know that copying and pasting someone else's work whole isn't acceptable, both from a legal standpoint and an ethical one. That holds true no matter how persistent your deadlines may be, how great your need for copy is, or how well certain posts resonate with your audience. A massive CTR is no justification for plagiarism, and getting caught - and Google will catch you, eventually - can put a huge dent in your brand equity. With algorithms being tuned to pick up latent semantic indexing on "spun" articles, even mimicking is becoming dicey.

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6 Ways Instagram Direct New Features Benefit Marketers

Some days it's a challenge to keep up with all the latest Instagram changes, but here's an update that your marketing team may be particularly interested in, especially if you've been thinking about using time-sensitive or "ephemeral" apps like Snapchat to reach the younger buyers, but really don't have the time to adopt a whole new app. Now Instagram Direct is making it easier than ever to try out its own ephemeral posting tools. Here are your top options to take advantage of the changes!

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How the Instagram Carousel Update Changes Social Media for Businesses

There's a new feature Instagram added, a carousel designed specifically for your posts, and it's a very good idea. Here's what we know and how to use it.

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How You Can Maximize Social Impact Using the Social Signal Funnel

We mentioned the"social signal funnel" in past articles to talk about how people respond to social media content, and we'd like to discuss specifically what we mean. This funnel is a way of thinking about social media marketing that may prove very useful when structuring and publishing your content – and understanding how people react to it. Let's dive in!

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Facebook "Stories" with Messenger Day - What Is It, and Will It Last?

Facebook has recently launched two new features: Facebook stories at the top of your news feed and a feature in its messaging app called "Messenger Day." The company isn't even trying to hide the fact that these features are taken outright from successful apps like Snapchat, which focus primarily on visual content with a short lifespan and a lot of privacy. But any major features added by Facebook are worth a look, especially if there's a chance that it could compete on an equal level with a youth-oriented app like Snapchat! So let's look at some FAQs that will explain just what the deal is with these Stories-like features.

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The SEO Impact of Social Signals - Myth or Reality?

The impact of social signals on SEO has been a lively debate for years. In quick review: social signals are the activities found on social media posts, such as likes, comments, shares and emoticons. Those are obviously good news – it's a sign that people are interacting with your social post! But marketers want to know, "Do these signals also boost the SEO based on post content? Are we getting a better page ranking out of this?"

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3 Tips to Use the Instagram Algorithm To Get Ahead of Your Competition

Instagram is currently in the process of reviewing it's new Instagram algorithm feature implemented last year. Instead of a "first come, first served" publishing route, Instagram will be positioning posts with a calculation that includes a number of different factors like activity, engagement, content, and so on.

It's not exactly surprising –Facebook and many other social networks do it, too – but it has made online content creators nervous, worried that their posts might be downgraded. However, we believe in looking at the bright side: If you know how to craft your posts, the new algorithm can actually improve your visibility! Let's talk about three simple tips that tap into the algorithm.

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The Best Sources to Find Curated Content for Social Media

New content is great – as long as it's new! But how do you know if you're talking about something original or copying what all your competitors said last month? You do a little research first – and that's what content curation tools like these are for! See what tools on our list work best to find curated content for your business.

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