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As social media manager at 21 Handshake, my passion of social media shines through to bring awareness to your brand. From the latest hashtag trend to engaging influencers, my desire is provide the best content to get your target audience talking online.

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by Emily Oswalt on February 14, 2017

6 Instagram Growth Hacks for Businesses

One reason companies give for avoiding Instagram is that it takes too much time to build up an audience. That's a little silly – not only is Instagram already closely connected to other social media audiences like Facebook, but it offers a built-in, growing community that's easy to tap into with just a few Instagram growth hacks. Here are the steps to creating a "growth" post that will quickly put these fears to rest!

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by Emily Oswalt on February 09, 2017

6 Main Factors that Determine if Your Facebook Post Shows in the News Feed

"How many people see my Facebook posts?" We bet you've wondered that in the past. It's an important question for social media marketing – actually, it's a lot more important now than it was in the past. Facebook's "organic search," or followers naturally noticing your posts in their news feeds, have drastically fallen in recent years. Some studies show there's only a 2% chance any follower sees a brand's post!

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by Emily Oswalt on January 30, 2017

Best Practices for Social Media Emojis (and when NOT to use them)

Social Media emojis (also called emoticons, etc.) are growing increasingly common in social media newsfeeds. But does that mean that they're right for B2B companies? Or will they do more harm than good? We've got an FAQ to help you decide!

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by Emily Oswalt on January 23, 2017

Facebook Wants "Thumb-Stopping Content" - Here is How to Get It!

"Thumb-stopping" is one of those perfect new words: It describes those posts that capture attention so quickly and thoroughly that your thumb stops scrolling down the social media touchscreen, and you actually pay attention.

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by Emily Oswalt on January 19, 2017

6 Inbound A/B Tests to Leverage Audience Conversions

We've mentioned A/B testing before, but we haven't really discussed how it can become part of your overall content strategy – so let's talk! It is a simple concept: Create two different versions of something, hold a testing period where you try each version, and then pick which version does best! Whether you want to test out a new ad or are trying to see if your new website is really performing better than your old one, testing two versions can help out. Here are the top ways you can use it.

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by Emily Oswalt on January 12, 2017

6 Tips for More Blog Conversions (that you can start using today)

Is your B2B blog humming along...but not quite performing as well as you want? Do you need more blog conversions to really create impressive results? Great! We've got several proven tips for you to try out (you can thank us later)!

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by Emily Oswalt on January 04, 2017

Analysis Of 6 Annoying B2B Social Media Habits: Here's What We Learned

We've seen a lot of B2B social media in the past year. That's good news! It means B2B companies are growing more accustomed to social platforms, forming larger communities with their buyers. But there's also some bad news – we see a lot of social media mistakes, too. Here are several of the worst offenses, and how we need to leave them behind as 2017 begins.

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by Emily Oswalt on December 28, 2016

6 Best Practices for Your B2B Instagram Video

Instagram has introduced the ability to add videos to your feed! It's an interesting addition, and these vids – which tend to be only several seconds long for easier posting – can be another powerful tool for your company, and an easy way to mix it up if you're getting bored of a long list of photos. But how do you treat B2B Instagram vieo? We've got the best practices you need.

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by Emily Oswalt on December 21, 2016

Why You Need to Grow Your B2B Instagram Followers (and 3 secrets how to!)

Instagram isn't just an add-on to Facebook or a diversion for teenagers (hey, even Snapchat is getting more serious these days). This photo and short video sharing service has become a powerful tool for brands, and a powerful method of outreach. Instagram alone has over 500 million active monthly users, which includes almost a quarter of all men in America and a burgeoning international audience. Together, users 'like' around 4.2 billion posts per day, so you can see why 70% of brands are expected to be using Instagram in 2017. The question is, are you going to be one of them? 

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by Emily Oswalt on December 15, 2016

Social Media 2017: 4 Strategies to Try

Could your social media 2017 strategy use a kick start? Sure, you’ve got the basics like a LinkedIn company page covered, but you haven’t seen a big bump in lead generation yet. Maybe Facebook’s algorithm change last summer has left your business struggling to connect with customers. As we look towards 2017, resolve to make this the year you really take your social media strategy to the next level. Here’s are four ways to get started:

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