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Owner of 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. Futurist in nature, Isaac displays a deep desire to preserve the human element in today's business. Trust being the ultimate currency, his clients appreciate that "new and stronger handshakes" is a success metric in their businesses.

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 18, 2017

What Will a Chatbot Cost Me - And Is It Worth It?

Chatbots! They're new, high-tech, and exciting – not to mention, they can save you time and increase your leads. We've discussed how these intelligent conversational interfaces can be in assisting online chatting for ordering, customer service questions, and more...but we haven't talking much about how much they cost. So let's look at the different levels of chatbots and their costs to what is the best fit for your brand. 

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 11, 2017

The Future of Conversational Interface: Will Chatbots replace Live Chat?

We've talked about the benefits of live chat before: why customers love them, how they can increase conversions, and most importantly how a live chat function brings ROI for your business website. But now it's time to talk about one of the biggest changes in the chat world: The rise of the chatbot.

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 05, 2017

7 Mobile-First Touchpoints that Set You Apart from Competitors

As mobile rises to become the dominant platform for seeking information and beginning transactions, B2B businesses face a new challenge: Mobile first touchpoints. How do prospects contact a business brand? How do brands make an impression on mobile devices? Here are several types of mobile touchpoints that are quickly becoming best practices in the B2B world.

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by Isaac Oswalt on December 29, 2016

How Your B2B Can Tell an Instagram Story

What is an Instagram Story?

An Instagram Story isn't just a strategy, it's a real feature that Instagram implemented in August 2016, and it has been improving ever since. In fact, it's a whole new way to use Instagram that's very unlike post permanent photos for your followers to look at.

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by Isaac Oswalt on December 22, 2016

The Two W's for B2B Instagram: When and What to Post

When you drill down to the very basics of B2B Instagram, you find two vital questions: When and What. No matter the brand, a business needs a concrete idea for when to post Instagram photos, and what those photos should be. Not surprisingly, this is also where many companies stumble, because they haven't really thought of it like that before. So let's take the two big B2B Instagram questions – when and what – and talk about the steps needed to answer them.

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by Isaac Oswalt on December 14, 2016

Is Social Media Contributing - or Getting in the Way - of Your Sales?

In the marketing world, we love to look at social media contributing as a force for good. It offers so many tools and opportunities, we really can't discourage its use in any given situation. But that raises an important question: Does social media ever hurt your marketing activities? Are there times when you may need to focus a little less on social platforms and more on what works for you? To find out, we suggest you ask these questions (all of these questions, not just one or two), then think about your current strategy.

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by Isaac Oswalt on December 08, 2016

Key Phrase Options to Convert Transactional User Intent into Customers


Now we come to transactional user intent – the last and most fun type of user intent, because it means you're about to make a sale! These users are searching for your company or products because they want to make a purchase ASAP. Your job is to help them out and give them that one last push over the edge. So, what phrases work best at the tail end of the sales funnel? Let's take a look at the phrases you need to start including!

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by Isaac Oswalt on November 29, 2016

How Virtual Reality Can Make Your Brand Awareness Go Viral

We've finally seen the dawn of consumer-friendly virtual reality headsets, which are being produced and sold from a variety of companies, from Samsung to Facebook. When a new technology like this hits, it's always tricky to say just how important it will be to the average business. Obviously VR has its place (kids love it!), but what does that mean for your marketing efforts? With VR appearing more and more at trade shows, event booths and mobile apps, it's time to talk about all the ways virtual reality can be used to bring in more business – including a couple options that are perfect fits for the LBM industry.

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by Isaac Oswalt on November 24, 2016

5 Results Driven SEO Semantic Search Strategies

Semantic search! We've talked about how it's changing the way that search engines operate by interpreting user intent – but now we'd like to offer several strategies that can target semantic search more effectively. Google's algorithm is busy studying the real meaning behind every user search, and you can tap into that process with the right content and SEO.

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by Isaac Oswalt on November 17, 2016

3 Thought Leadership Trends for 2017

What’s next for thought leadership in 2017? With everyone claiming to be an industry “expert” these days, it’s natural to wonder if thought leadership will simply suffocate under the weight of all the digital clutter it’s produced. We’ve written before how even the savviest marketers are struggling to stand out as legitimate solution providers. But don’t write an obituary for thought leadership just yet! In fact, as the B2B cycle continues to lengthen and more decision makers weigh in throughout the buying process, thought leadership will become even more important for framing the buying process in your company’s favor.

In 2017, the biggest challenge businesses will face is differentiating themselves in the cluttered digital marketplace. In addition to taking a page out of our thought leadership best practice manual, these three thought leadership trends will help your business stand out:

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