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Project Manager at 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. A self described life long learner that thrives on detail, I love bringing these skills to the table to help others succeed.

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by Sarah Hayes on April 28, 2017

21 Handshake Report: Google vs. Facebook

Call it what you may...

Search vs. Social

Facebook vs. Google

The online territory war for our attention is real. 

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by Sarah Hayes on April 25, 2017

Everything You need to Know About Instagram Pods

In the past months we've seen the rise of a very interesting tactic called "Instagram pods." These groups of people are trying to tap into the Instagram algorithm for their own benefit. Take a look at our FAQ to learn more!

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by Sarah Hayes on April 18, 2017

Why Quality Content in Digital Marketing is Crucial in 2017

The motivation behind content used to be a little like a television in a waiting room: not what you came for, but rather something to pass the time. The evolution of search engines flipped that script entirely, creating a scenario where that waiting room was unlikely to even be found without that "television" turned on to the right station, at the right time, and at the right volume. Content marketing - the practice of using content as both a vehicle and platform for your brand message - was born. Today, as digital marketing picks up momentum through 2017, quality content is more important than ever.

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by Sarah Hayes on April 14, 2017

The Friday Handshake Report: Facebook Live Audio - Launching Soon

As a podcast junkie, I was very excited to hear that Facebook will soon be rolling out Facebook live audio

OH the possibilities. 

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by Sarah Hayes on April 11, 2017

Stop Missing the Mark: 3 Keyword Targeting Best Practices

Most business functions are fairly straightforward - an action is performed, such as discounting a product, and a result ensues: hopefully, in this case, a bump in sales that justified offering that discount. When it comes to marketing, however, that reliable result is no longer a guarantee. The relationship between a potential customer, your keywords, and a search engine's algorithms is a fluctuating one, and if you've been treating your keywords as if they exist in a vacuum, you're hamstringing the potential performance of your SEO and content. Keywords are dynamic, and their importance and outcome can change at any point: that's why it's crucial you avoid a set-and-forget mindset with keyword targeting.

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by Sarah Hayes on April 07, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: Personalization Equals Increased Open Rates

Never underestimate the power of taking time to get to know your prospect. 

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by Sarah Hayes on April 04, 2017

Digital PR Strategy 101: Building Media Lists and Pitching Stories

Is traditional PR dead? For decades, public relations success was measured by your ability to pitch a reporter and secure earned media coverage on the TV, radio or in newspapers and magazines. Today, we read most of our news online through news websites, apps, and our social media feeds. Social media and industry blogs have created a new platform for directly reaching customers, in many cases circumventing the need to “pitch” a reporter. But don’t write off the benefits of working reporters just yet!

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by Sarah Hayes on March 31, 2017

21 Handshake Report: The Mobile Natives (Gen Z)

Who is Gen Z? 

Gen Z are teens ranging in age from 13 - 17 and while millennials were mobile pioneers, Gen Z are mobile natives.

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by Sarah Hayes on March 29, 2017

Are Traditional PR Tactics Relevant for Digital Marketers?

Recently, a 21 Handshake client asked us, “So, what does 21 Handshake do for PR?”

The client assumed that because our focus here is on digital marketing, we don’t really do PR. In the most traditional sense, the client was correct: we don’t have a team of seasoned PR specialists pitching new stories to reporters round the clock or planning press events to secure earned media coverage. But we do apply many of the “best practices” associated with traditional PR to our digital marketing strategy.

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