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Project Manager at 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. A self described life long learner that thrives on detail, I love bringing these skills to the table to help others succeed.

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Launching a Digital Marketing Strategy? The Truth About Setting Realistic Expectations

“We guarantee a viral hit!”
“You’ll have 10,000 likes in 12 hours.”
“You’ll be the top Google hit in a week.”
“We’re going to break the Internet!”

Ever heard someone make an outlandish digital marketing strategy promise before? Unless you’re teaming up with one of the Kardashians, reputable digital strategists know that no matter how much we want to guarantee a viral hit or social media success, digital marketing just doesn’t work that way. Yes, we can follow industry best practices and glean insights from successful marketing campaigns we’ve managed in the past. But even when we do everything “right” we sometimes can’t deliver a viral smash every time– and that’s okay.

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Topic Clusters: The Impact Internal Links Have on Your SEO

Google thinks internal links are important: Where you link within your own website is an important part of the SEO formula because it shows what your site cares about, and where it tries to guide visitors. Too many internal links is cause for losses in page ranking these days, as Google doesn't like to see any site try to artificially control its links or where people go – it also doesn't seem to care for sites that give special preference for internal links within content.

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Google Smart Reply Answers Email for You

Google recently released a brand new feature for mobile Gmail users, and if you bring up Gmail on your phone to answer clients or team members quickly, you've probably noticed it: Gmail is trying to write your emails for you. Select any average email to read, and you will see several different pre-written responses waiting for you to send back.

The feature is called Google Smart Reply, and it's the latest example of how AI is starting to change the way we use email, too. These intelligent, auto-generated replies represent a new way of dealing with a full email box, and if you're a busy sales rep or marketer, it pays to be on top of the trend. Here's what is worth knowing right now.

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Pros vs. Cons of Hiring Out Your Social Media Posting

Social media is a little like licorice - some companies love it, some companies hate it, but no matter what your feelings may be, it isn't going anywhere. There were a few years in recent history where a business could operate - nay, even prosper! - with no social media presence at all, but that concept is rapidly becoming unsustainable. So what are your options when it comes to successfully expressing your brand message on social media? There are two: the DIY approach and working with an outside professional. Here's a breakdown of pro vs. cons of hiring out your social media posting:

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21 Handshake Report: 3 Essentials for Social Media Success

I recently read this thread on LinkedIn....

In your opinion, what 3 things are essential for a successful social media project?

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Google Fred Algorithm Update, What It Means, and How to Recover

At 21 Handshake, we have been keeping an eye on Google Fred algorithm update since it appeared to happen a couple months ago: Because Google is operating more on a real-time update basis, many wondered if we'd ever see a major update again, or what it might portend. But so far it looks like the Fred update really did happen, and it's time to talk about the effects this has had on page ranking for sites around the web – including yours.

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Friday Handshake Report: Future of Snapchat, Just a Snapfad?

When was the last time you "Snapped"? 

No, I don't mean when you snapped at your dog to stop barking...or when your kids asked "Are we there, yet?" for the umpteenth time. 

When was the last time you snapped on Snapchat

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How to Know if Your Instagram Account Has Been Shadowbanned

The word "shadowban" may sound a little ridiculous, but it's serious news for brands using Instagram to promote business and draw in more conversions. A shadowban occurs when an account or specific content is banned without any notification. On your end, you don't see anything that's different, but viewers won't be able to see content from their end, which can make posts – to a certain extent – useless.

Not cool! Here's what we know about Instagram's shadowbans so far.

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21 Handshake Report: Google vs. Facebook

Call it what you may...

Search vs. Social

Facebook vs. Google

The online territory war for our attention is real. 

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