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Project Manager at 21 Handshake, a strategic marketing company, driven to grow relationship-driven businesses. A self described life long learner that thrives on detail, I love bringing these skills to the table to help others succeed.

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by Sarah Hayes on February 17, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: The Most Effective Content for B2B

According to eMarketer the most effective content for as follows:

1. Research/Original Data
2. Infographics 
3. Product Reviews 

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by Sarah Hayes on February 15, 2017

How to Organically Grow Instagram Followers

There are a lot of things you can't do to win more Instagram profiles. You can't use bots, or buy followers directly – that looks bad for your business, and hurts more than it helps (what do you think all those fake or ignorant followers will actually do for you?). You can't veer your Instagram straight out into pop culture, because that doesn't actually help your brand. So what can you do to organically grow Instagram followers...preferably without waiting a couple years? Yes! There is! Here are the top ways to get started with your next Instagram post.

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by Sarah Hayes on February 10, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: Emoji's Earn 17% Higher Engagement on Instagram

Do you 'Emoji' on Social Media

I will admit I was more a late-comer to the emoji fascination. I am not really sure what I had against them as I used to love the trend of the smiley face in the 90's...oh yes, I had the t-shirt, the backpack, the keychain, notebooks one would have thought that I would've jumped on the emoji bandwagon fast! 

It actually wasn't until our 21 Handshake team started using slack that I really started to use Emoji's more in all my media, messaging, slack...and while I am not THAT person who uses emoji's for everything - they do serve a purpose and well are just kinda fun! 

Marketing Prof's recently posted that Emoji's increase Instagram engagement by 17% over non-emoji posts! In the fast paced world of social media, that stat is one to take notice of and think about how you can incorporate those smiling emoticons into your brand's posts. 

Who knows maybe hashtag use will start to lessen and emoji use increase? 

Well, only time will tell what trends will appear next, I do know that the trends are all based on behavior and are user generated. So no matter what trend comes or goes, knowing your target audience and speaking to them will always be on point. 

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by Sarah Hayes on February 08, 2017

Should I Hire a Dedicated B2B Marketing Manager?

Do you know what is the single most important marketing decision you’ll make in 2017 for your business? No, it’s not creating a new content marketing program, beefing up your social media presence or even learning Snapchat. The most important decision you’ll make in 2017 is to whether to hire a dedicated B2B Marketing Manager.

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by Sarah Hayes on February 03, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: Unintentional vs. Intentional Video Views

There is a difference in how these video views should be approached though, right? 

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by Sarah Hayes on February 02, 2017

The Best Social Media Copywriting Formulas to Start Using Today

A copywriting formula is a basic acrostic to help people create specific pieces of content. We love them, especially when it comes to social media copywriting formulas: It's a great way to implement social post improvements and train less experienced members of the team. Plus, they look great when posted in the office. The trick is finding which social copywriting formulas work best for your aims. Here are several of our favorites!

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by Sarah Hayes on January 27, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: Persuasive Storytelling is Alive and Well

This proud mama gets to see her son get Student of the Month for Art today! 

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by Sarah Hayes on January 25, 2017

1 Times or 3 Times? Taking the Mystery Out of B2B Social Media Posting Frequency

How often should you post? It's the question everyone has to ask themselves when launching a social media campaign – and it's the question that you need to re-ask every couple of months. What posting frequency will get you the most results these days?

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by Sarah Hayes on January 17, 2017

5 Key Tips to Building a Chatbot Lead Strategy

Are you as excited about chatbots as we are? Great – then let's talk about how to create one. It's nice to think about the advantages of a bot that can talk to your customers and help answer their questions, but actually taking the first step and making one is a different prospect. So here are key tips on how to build a chatbot lead strategy that works for your B2B (even if you're not sure where to begin) Click to Tweet

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