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B2B Infographics: The Modern Day Introduction

by Isaac Oswalt on July 01, 2015



When you’re struggling to create useful and engaging content, infographics might be the key to your success. They’re a visual representation of a great deal of data. They’re designed to make information easy to read, understand, and share.


Let’s take a look at exactly why they’re such an effective tool:

Showing is Better Than Telling

If you have information that’s vital to get across, it’s much better to do it in a visual manner. Typing up a case study with lots of text and statistics is an easy way to get glanced over. It’s much better to use an infographic to show your audience what you’re talking about.

Take a recent study completed by HP as an example. They found that people only remember one-fifth of the information that they read. If the information is presented visually, however, they remember four-fifths of the information.



Attention is Hard to Grab

Building good content is important, but it’s getting people to view it that really matters. Attention spans are shrinking by the year. Our average attention span was 12 seconds in 2000, and now it’s only 8.25 seconds. In fact, almost 20% of page views last less than four seconds.

This is why infographics are such a great alternative to other types of content. They’re easy to read and demand attention. Their bare-bones style makes it easy to get all the information quickly. It’s no wonder that content with a visual aspect is 94% more likely to be viewed than pure text-based content.


b2b_infographics_personality__showYou Need to Show Some Personality

Many businesses dipping their toes into content marketing are worried about losing their brand’s identity. The move from personal face-to-face meetings to Internet marketing tactics can be frightening. Business, however, is still all about building and developing relationships. B2B infographics are a great way to channel your creativity and show a bit of personality. You’ll be able to leverage your increased attention to keep building your brand.



They Are Perfect for Social Networks

Social networks are critical for your marketing campaigns. It’s an easy way to tap into an absolutely massive audience. To reach beyond your current audience, though, you need to get people engaging with and sharing your content.

Infographics are like a fish in water on social media. Think about how many pictures you see when scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Sites like Instagram are literally nothing but pictures. People won’t have to click-through to get the gist of your message, making it easier to convince them to share it. Today, visual content is more than 40 times as likely to be shared than non-visual content.




If you need help with your infographics or content strategy, in general, make sure to reach out to us here at 21 Handshake. We’re experts at planning and executing marketing campaigns, while working with you to develop your business.



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