Friday Handshake Report: 2017 Social Media Predictions

by Sarah Hayes on January 13, 2017

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While a crystal ball would be oh so nice, that is not really a reality...but reading these2017 social media predictions from industry experts will give you some insight into where you should concentrate your strategy this year. 

Without further ado, here are 6 of my favorite from the ;'experts roundup of predictions' found on WERSM (we are social media) with commentary from yours truly. 

1. Bot integration still has a long way to go... look for it to be more mainstream in 2018. (there is a lot of programming on the back end that will need to become more streamlined before they become mainstream, but the chatbots are coming...this we can't ignore) 

2. Disruptive marketing will continue to lessen and integrated marketing will continue to become more a part of a consumer's life (umm...yes, I think we have seen this trend for a few years one likes interuptions, tell me now do you?) 

3. The gap between brands and consumers will become smaller (brands will work harder to connect with consumers...I think this is because they will have to! Consumers on social media can be loud, and if you aren't answering them it looks suspicious and well bad word of mouth on social can spread like wildfire)

4. Influencer marketing will continue to grow (people trust peers...and that lies at the heart of influencer marketing)

5. Social media survival will become survival of the fittest (social media is a fast-paced ever changing landscape, if you don't keep up, you will lose your voice or become irrelevant which is worse...) 

6. There will be focus on smarter targeting tactics (right message, right the right audience; it will not only be about reaching them but also about engaging your audience)

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