Friday Handshake Report: Boss Has Gone Tropical!


I think the saying goes..."While the cat's away the mice will play"...

Well, we are more dog - lovers in our office and mice - haters and well, really this phrase should be while the "Boss is away....well, we went away too"... on a content gathering mission!

What a fun two d20160310_070658.jpgays spent with clients at Starved Rock State Park in IlliStarved_Rock_State_Park_.jpgnois as we listened to stories and learned about their companyculture, values and mission! (oh and I am the worst #selfie picture taker!)




If you were on the road this week as well and didn't have time to catch up on the lastest happenings on our blog, here is a quick recap of our actionable marketing tips!

Inbound Marketing

Historical Optimization: One Weird Phrase That Really COULD Save Your Blog
Squeeze more traffic out of high performing content when you analyze your blog for historical optimization.


Narrowcasting Your Marketing Campaign to the Correct Target Persona
Create a narrowcasting campaign focused on your correct target persona to better deliver content to your targeted audience. 






Tag it Right: SEO Image Optimization
Four places you can improve search visibility of your non-text media with SEO image optimization. 

LBM Marketing


Listen: It's a Millennial Homebuyer Knocking

A Millennial homebuyer has seen the present, and they want to make the future better - and this includes their housing choice. 

21 MorningStart



The Cute Animal Tactic 
Cute animals have huge appeal and can increase your website traffic. 






Double - Edged Sword

So much information is at our fingertips, that we take it for granted. We are becoming an information rich generation...but application poor. 


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