Friday Handshake Report: Change is Hard

by Sarah Hayes on July 29, 2016


Change is hard, isn't it? 

It doesn't matter if it is a big change, or a small change - it goes our nature to change easily. 

And maybe I just speak for women. But I think embracing change crosses gender lines. 

Where is all this talk of change coming from you may wonder...well, it started with my new phone last week. Then I coudn't access my emails. Because Google wants to me to embrace a new app. Inbox by Gmail. A total different set up. But the only way I was going to get 'push' notifications of new emails was if I embraced this new Google offering. (and maybe it is not that new...but new to me, I am sure you understand that feeling.) At first, I resisted. I just want my old Gmail view! Are there some work-arounds I can do? Hours or research later (okay, maybe not hours...) it seemed like this was the only answer. 

SO, I went all in. Embraced the app on the phone. Embraced the app on my computer. 

Am I still learning all the new functions? Yes. Is it concerning that Inbox automatically gives me a response in my reply area to choose from. Yes. (but that might be a different story for a different day!). 

BUT the point is I am embracing it. Because, even though change is hard, sometimes there is just a better way. For me this better way was born out of necessity - isn't that the reason for most change though? 

What is the moral of this story? 

Change is hard but sometimes necessary. Our world is constantly evolving, and if we are slow to change and embrace new technology - well we are just going to get left behind and miss out (whether that be emails, sales, connections, a better faster way of doing things, streamlining a process etc...)

What change do you need to embrace today? 

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