Friday Handshake Report: Emoji's Earn 17% Higher Engagement on Instagram

by Sarah Hayes on February 10, 2017

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Do you 'Emoji' on Social Media

I will admit I was more a late-comer to the emoji fascination. I am not really sure what I had against them as I used to love the trend of the smiley face in the 90's...oh yes, I had the t-shirt, the backpack, the keychain, notebooks one would have thought that I would've jumped on the emoji bandwagon fast! 

It actually wasn't until our 21 Handshake team started using slack that I really started to use Emoji's more in all my media, messaging, slack...and while I am not THAT person who uses emoji's for everything - they do serve a purpose and well are just kinda fun! 

Marketing Prof's recently posted that Emoji's increase Instagram engagement by 17% over non-emoji posts! In the fast paced world of social media, that stat is one to take notice of and think about how you can incorporate those smiling emoticons into your brand's posts. 


Who knows maybe hashtag use will start to lessen and emoji use increase? 

Well, only time will tell what trends will appear next, I do know that the trends are all based on behavior and are user generated. So no matter what trend comes or goes, knowing your target audience and speaking to them will always be on point. 

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