Friday Handshake Report: #FactFriday

by Sarah Hayes on August 26, 2016


It's Friday!

Here are some fun facts for you to think on this last full weekend of August (or shall we say summer...because who really thinks summer thoughts once September comes?!). 

If you have any #factfriday wisdom to share with 21 Handshake, please send them our way on our social channels! We would love to shake hands with you online. 

Without further ado #factfriday:


And how true this is! Think of all those 'free' logoed coffee cups you have in the back of your cabinet. #factfriday


Totally on board with this #factfriday. I am currently witnessing this happening with many of our clients blogs! Quality content makes Google happy...which makes me happy. Find other content marketing stats here


2.307 Billion Active Social Media Users! Now if that's not a #factfriday indication that your business needs to be on social media....enough said. 

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