Friday Handshake Report: Going for Gold

by Sarah Hayes on August 12, 2016


No, this isn't a post about the Olympics - although certainly, there is that tie-in. Why title this 'Going for Gold', then? Because what true marketer doesn't try to capitalize on a news-worthy event? I think that is Rule #1 .... somewhere. 

But here is where I am going with by titleing this  'Going for Gold'. 

Going for Gold: It's about giving your best (I think a coach would shout 110%!) every time you step up 'to the plate'. Going for Gold:  It's facing the competition in the eye and saying, 'You are on!'. 
Going for Gold: It's about learning something new, every day.
Going for Gold: It's about not being content with just average. It's about being #1. 

So how does this relate to SEO? ( if you look closely, that is also featured in our picture on today's post.)

Because I am on mission right now.

My mission: "Going for Gold" with SEO. Looking at competitors and why they are ranked higher, and what we can do to 'up our game'. Second page is not good enough - we need to be on page one. This will be a continual process. It won't be easy. It will require 'stepping up to the plate' and bringing our 'A' game. It will require learning new techniques and methods. 

But it is worth it. 

'Going for Gold', are you? 


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