Friday Handshake Report: Let's Have a Houseparty

by Sarah Hayes on December 02, 2016

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I am about to let you in on a secret. 

Ready ?

Social Continues to Be Innovative. 



Yes, I know social is social. 

But do you really? 

Because that is what continues to attract younger generations to it. 

The ability to be 

Like Houseparty. Which emerged in late fall and now has 1 million users. (and fun fact, the now defunk Meerkat entrepreneurs are behind it.)

So will Houseparty be the next 'in' thing? Will it last? It is being touted as spontaneous togetherness

I am not sure the answer to those questions, but I do understand the appeal for college aged and teens who use this app. 

And we must remember - that those 'kids' are our next generation coming into the workforce. 

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