Friday Handshake Report: Lights, Camera, Action

by Sarah Hayes on July 08, 2016


No, we are not getting ready to star in any Hollywood least not yet...I am sending out our headshot this week:


In all seriousness though, has your company been publishing video content

If not, why? 

Not to jump on the band wagon - but video is 'hot' right now. Like summer 90 degrees  hot. Like head to the beach hot. Like I need A/C Pronto hot. O.k. you get the point. 

But why is everyone so interested in video right now?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Facebook announced that they predict your news feed will all be video in 5 years (I honestly think it will be sooner)
  • Snapchat is all any marketer can talk about
  • Drones have exploded in popularity (we can't wait to name our 21 Handshake drone)
  • Facebook Live, You Tube, Vine, Periscope , Wistia, Vimeo...

We could go on and on. Video needs to be part of your content marketing strategy. According to this post, 75% of B2B Marketers are using video effectively

Stay tuned next week as we talk more about video and how we are using our drone! 

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