Friday Handshake Report: Love is in the Air


Valentine's weekend is upon us. According to my observations, there are three categories of feelings people have towards cupid. 

  1. They love Valentine's day and celebrate it with all the romantic feelings they can conjure up. Cards, flowers, chocolate, champagne, a night out...
  2. They hate Valentine's day. For whatever reasons, they just can't stand the thought of this 'lovey - dovey' holiday. 
  3. They are indifferent. It can come and go - just another day on the calendar. They are more impressed if they get flowers on an ordinary day vs. getting them on Valentine's day. 

In which category do you fall? 

If you fall into category 1 and you love Valentine's Day - perhaps you were too busy planning an impressive Valentine's Day weekend this week that you missed out on the latest on our blog. Here it is in condensed format! Enjoy! 

Marketing Strategy

google_rankbrain_Seo_strategy_.jpgGoogle RankBrain SEO Influencer or SEO Strategy Disrupter?

Take advantage of Google RankBrain by including long tail in your SEO strategy and be as specific when it comes to product and service information

SEO_Value.jpg5 Tips to Format Your URL for SEO Value

Hands down best practice to provide SEO value to your URL, use the keyword you are trying to rank for.

LBM Marketing 

Reaching_the_Retailer_with_Your_Building_Product_in_the_Digital_Age.jpgReaching the Retailer with Your Building Product in the Digital Age

building_materials_instagram.jpgWorth 1000 Words: Your Building Materials Story with Instagram

If you're dreaming of reaching more people with your building materials, it just may be that the Instagram App is your path to the future. 

21 MorningStart

B2B_Facebook_21_MorningStart.jpgShow Me Something Awesome

1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users; show them something awesome and they just might click on it. 

21_MorningStart_Enthusiasm.jpgEnthusiasm is Contagious

When you bring enthusiasm to the table every time, it can be a game changer. 

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