Friday Handshake Report: Meet Barry, CEO.

by Sarah Hayes on January 29, 2016


In case you missed it, 21 Handshake has a new C.E.O. around the office. Who's that you say? Let us introduce you to Barry. Our Chief Empathy Officer. 

He may try to chew your shoe. And he is still learning to shake hands. But he is sure to bring a smile to your face!

If you were too busy chasing after a puppy this week and didn't get a chance to catch up on the latest 21 Handshake news, here it is in condensed form...which is good because I think that puppy is starting to wake up from his nap!

Marketing Strategy

organic_seo_strategy.jpgWhy Organic Extends Beyond Your Mouth to Your SEO Strategy

Organic SEO is more than just a phrase of interest, it needs to be a pivotal part of your SEO strategy. 

Negative_Call_to_Action_.jpgDoes a Negative Call to Action Actually Work?

I was guilted into the negative call action seems to grow in popularity we explore if it actually works or not. 

LMB Marketing

lumber_and_building_materials_industry_who.jpgWho Needs to Say 'Yes' in the Building Products Market Is Surprising

Suppliers in today‚Äôs Lumber and Building Materials Industry must implement marketing strategies that connect with a wide range of decision-makers.  

Female_Homeowner_on_pinterest.jpgHow the Building Industry Attracts the Female Homeowner

Leverage your visibility online by attracting the female homeowner on Pinterest to your building materials board on Pinterest. 

21 MorningStart

Everything_you_have_ever_wanted_is_sitting_on_the_other_side_of_fear..jpgSetting the Stage

When we set our stage for the day, for the week for does that look? 

time_value_connection_21_MorningStart.jpgThe Time - Value Connection 

People will always make time for what they value. 


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