Friday Handshake Report: Mid-Winter Break

by Sarah Hayes on February 19, 2016


Mid - Winter break. Do you remember that from your school days? A few days off in the middle of winter...oh the excitement to be home for a few days to play! 

Maybe your kids, like mine, are home for a few days. And in between the hectic pace of the house and trying to squeeze in a few fun activities, you missed out on reading the latest on the 21 Handshake blog. Here it is in condensed version for your to read at your leisure! (okay, who am I kidding...this will be scanned while you wait for the kids outside the movie theatre, bouncy house, or while warming up in the ski lodge). Regardless, we hope you are having a fun mid-winter break! 

Inbound Marketing 

Keyword_Density_1.jpgKeyword Density: How Often Can I Repeat Keywords?

There is a fine line when it comes to keyword density: repeat them enough to increase page ranking but not too much or your site will be downgraded.

mapping_out_customers_needs.jpgWhy a Marketing Strategy Running on Averages Will Most Likely Fail

A marketing strategy based on averages may leave prospects out in the cold. Instead let your customers choose their own channel and meet them there.  

LBM Marketing 

skills_gap_facing_the_building_industry_.jpgThe Skills Gap Facing the Building Industry

There is a skills gap facing the building industry and finding proper solutions will require adjustments and "giving a little" from both sides. 

Fresh Ideas to Increase Your Building Product Sales with the Large Builder

Know the current challenges facing your builder so you can provide correct solutions and increase building product sales with the large builder. 

21 MorningStart

21_Morning_Start_Intuition.jpgGoing with Your Gut

I strive to be open to vulnerability - because that means I am also listening to my intuitive voice. 

Welcome_to_a_new_era_of_marketing_and_service_in_which_your_brand_is_defined_by_those_who_experience_it._Brian_Solis.jpgB2B Brand Experiences
More B2B customers are looking for a brand experience and not just price, how is your business adjusting? 


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