Friday Handshake Report: Robot Revolution

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It seems like every other day I am receiving an article in my inbox about robots and AI.

A robot can now run your advertisting campaign

Why have a delivery man in your building? Now a robot can do that job

Headed to McDonald's for lunch? A robot may do everything from take your order to serve you your order. 

In fact, a partnership was just formed between Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft with the mission of advancing public understanding of the AI and to set standards for future research. robots-robots-everywhere.jpg

Yes, we are society that is fascinated by the use of artifical intelligence. But what does that really mean for you beyond a smarter home (hello, Alexa), a smarter computer (hello Siri) or a smarter Google (hello, new Assistant)? 

I wish I knew the answer to that (I guess that is why science was not my major) - but I do think this is something that we as marketers need to be aware of as it changes the way that data is searched and then portrayed in SERP and also the way we go about our daily life.

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