Friday Handshake Report: Santa's Marketing Plan

by Sarah Hayes on December 23, 2016

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In the Spirit of the Season, if Santa were to ask us for marketing advice this is what we would recommend for Santa's Marketing Plan :

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  • Any store can use Santa's name, he must differentiate himself as THE Real Santa Claus
  • Integrated approach that reaches all prospects with the right message at the right time 
  • Target not only children (a given) but parents, grandparents with messages that are both heartfelt and reminds them that Christmas morning memories last all season long
  • Constant social media engagement to keep the spirit of the season alive


  • YouTube Video Channel of Santa himself! Messages daily and reminders that good boys and girls go on Santa's nice list. Behind the scenes look into Santa's workshop! What cookies is Mrs. Claus baking in her kitchen? 
  • Dedicate one elf to be in charge of each social channel - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat. Many messages are going to be received and will need to be answered immediately! 
  • Ask followers to submit their memories of Santa  - combine these into a few videos, slideshares or animated videos! Everyone loves a good story - it will touch the heartstrings of adults. 
  • Deploy a few 'ground elves' (not that ELF on the shelf) that spread Christmas cheer through decorating houses, singing in stores, help carry in packages, or sing and hand out candy to impatient people in line! 
  • Live video readings of letters/emails being received from Children - won't little Nell be so excited when Santa reads her letter live! (make sure to notify parent via private message before hand) 
  • Official Santa Website with names being added daily for naughty / nice lists, daily recipes from Mrs. Claus, toys from the 'shop', elf games, Rudolph fun and a'live chat' boxto talk with Santa anytime! 

This is our fun marketing strategy for Santa! But on Christmas Eve it is all about the 'Claus himself. He is the one that creates the sparkle and magic with his jolly self. And to that end  he is the only one we recommended being all things to all people! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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