Friday Handshake Report: Social Media is Big Business

by Sarah Hayes on September 23, 2016


Has your company ignored jumping on the social media bandwagon? Some common thoughts might be:

"That's just what the 'kids' are into."

"It really doesn't fit with our B2B message". 

"I don't have time, so why bother."

"How do I even find an audience or create leads on social?"

Admist the myriad of excuses though, you do wonder deep down how it fits into your business strategy. 

And you think this thought, because you KNOW that you do need to have a presence. 

As we move into 2017 (yes, I know it is only September, but these last few months of 2016 will fly by...they always do) here are are some trends to be on the lookout for and consider adopting courtesty of social media inluencer Jeff Bullas: 

1. Live streaming video will be a new way to build trust and credibility online with authentic unfiltered content.

2. Expiring content is now part of the evolving social media landscape (think Snapchat, Instagram Stories)

3. Chatbotswill help in forming a relationship with your customers and potential crowds, without paying for high overheads on staff.

4. Rules will evolve as 'big enterprise' changes the social media landscape (i.e. Microsoft buying LinkedIn)

5. Organic engagment will continue to decrease: a multi-channel strategy will be vital. 

6. Marketing automation will continue to be big business.

7. Personalization, Personalization, Personalization. Attention is hard to capture, relevance will stand out. 

8. Influencers will be increasingly important as the 'niche' gatekeepers.

9. Social media transparency is the new business paradigm.

10. As the data volume has increased exponentially, the scale of the noise means that making sense of it needs artificial intelligence and machines with big powerful processors.

It is a noisy world we live in, capturing attention will continue to be increasingly harder and harder. Your online presence not only helps your business remain relevant but helps you stand out above the crowd as you engage, interact, show transparency and build trust with your customers and prospects - all through social media. 

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