Friday Handshake Report: The Most Effective Content for B2B

by Sarah Hayes on February 17, 2017

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According to eMarketer the most effective content for as follows:

1. Research/Original Data
2. Infographics 
3. Product Reviews 

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Why is this? Because B2B buyers want answers to guide decision making. 

Let me ask you this, what do you do when you seeking out answers to make a decision? You might consult a friend, seek the advice of a colleague - you will probably Google to see if you can solve your problem. know you will do that. Why? Because we as humans like to find our own answers. And if you see data, that XYZ amount of people solved their problem by using X Companies product - well you just might fill out that form to learn more about that product. 

Or in another many times have you read the Amazon reviews before purchasing a product? (oh that is just me...)

So yes, while a product review from a customer might be harder to obtain (or capture on video) and an infographic might be harder to just might be worth your time. Because someone out there is looking for an answer to guide their decision. And you want to be there with an answer, right?

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