Friday Handshake Report: Unintentional vs. Intentional Video Views

by Sarah Hayes on February 03, 2017

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There is a difference in how these video views should be approached though, right? 

I heard this thought expressed while listening to the Social Pro's Podcast while they were discussing video platforms. 

And it is true. 

Unintentional: think of the social platforms where you are scrolling through your 'feed' and oh! a video. Sometimes interesting enough to pause on it, other times, the thumb keeps scrolling

Intentional: think searching for a particular video on platforms such as YouTube; you are searching out information whether it be a 'how - to', a funny video you heard about, a celebrity stunt, a product etc. 

Both video formats have a place for engaging the audience.

And while the unintentional may border on 'disruptive' it can in a general sense introduce your product/brand to many masses in the awareness stage and thus should be structured as such: be engaging, be entertaining. 

The intentional video is a little more focused. Treat those viewers as Amy quotes in the above mentioned podcast: 

“Once they click play on the video, treat them like they’ve always been there whether they have been or not, whether it’s your first video or your thousandth, and just roll with the content.” Amy Schmittauer

How is your video content being received? We would love to hear what you are creating!

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