Friday Handshake Report: Values

by Sarah Hayes on August 19, 2016


Do you know what your business values? 

I think it is fair enough to say, that what we personally value eventually will cross over into how we run our business. 

How can it not? 

Who you are as a person - that is constant, even though at times you might be able to 'hide' it. 

I always joke that how my kids act when I am not with them, well that reflects on really who they are. Yes, they might have moments at home that leaves me with pulling my hair out (who doesn't melt down in the safety of home sometimes, right?!) but who they are at school, at church, at a friends house - that is who they are. If I have taught them to value respect, then they will treat others that way. If I have taught them appropriate behavior, then that is how they will act when I am not with them. Same goes for politeness, kindness. 

Look around your business today, is it reflection of your values? 

It is one thing to mandate values, it is an entirely different thing to live those values out. 

Today, take time to write down a few of your personal values and then compare those to how your business is run.

Do they align? 

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