Friday Handshake Report: When Technology Fails You

by Sarah Hayes on May 20, 2016


When technology fails us - it is easy to point fingers. 

It's harder to take the upper road and be forgiving that failures/outages do happen, even to the best of us. 

But failures will happen. As the recent Saleforce outage showed us (#NA14 anyone?). 

Technology will sometimes crash....but then so does the power in my house at inconvenient times. And I am not about to stop paying the electrical company, am I? (sorry off the grid full time living - while intriguing, not my style). 

Response starts with yourself. How are you going to respond to something failing? (and in my case, little eyes are watching and mirroring my response). 

If we respond in anger, it often just makes us angrier. 

If we respond lightheartedly, maybe we just weren't too keen on the technology in the first place. 

I think there is the middle road - where you are inquisitive. Why did it happen? How did the company you are trusting in respond? Will it happen again? What are my other choices? Are they better? Could this same thing happen to them? Why/Why not? 

So yes, failures happen all the time. THEY SUCK. Response lies in your court though. 

Now onto what you missed this week...because were busy backing up all your files onto a hardrive...not onto the cloud. 



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