Friday Handshake Report: Will AI Replace My Job?

by Sarah Hayes on December 09, 2016

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It is a fascinating topic that goes by many names. 


Artificial Intelligence.



Google Assistant (really Google, couldn't come up with a more clever name?)

And I am just tipping the iceberg. Geting Smart cites 101 examples of how Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives. 

Sometimes we don't even realize it. But Facebook has got an eye on it to help combat their 'fake news'

And other big players have jumped aboard, re-orienting themselves around more possibilities of incorporating AI into their services. 

So will AI replace my job? Yours? Probably not. But it is something that is taking place at a rapid pace. And will continue to shape our future generation. The Jetsons and their futuristic world of flying cars...well it may be closer than we think

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