Good Friday Handshake Report



And indeed it is a Good Friday! We hope you had a wonderful week and are preparing to enjoy some Easter Festivities whether it be hunting for eggs or spending time with family. Here are some fun facts to impress guests at your Easter gathering:

Well if you were too busy this week preparing for the Easter Bunnie's arrival of sweet treats and missed out on the latest at 21 Handshake, grab a few Easter confections to snack on and catch up here!

Inbound Marketing 





Mobile Responsiveness is Not Enough: Google Says to AMP Speed

Used properly, employing Google AMP speed for mobile responsiveness can significantly improve your website's performance on search engine results page.

google_knowledge_graph_.jpg The Google Knowledge Graph: Rank Above the Search Results

5 tips to get your content noticed by the Google Knowledge Graph. 

thematic_relevance.jpg4 Tips to Establish Your Website Authority with Thematic Relevance

4 tips to ensure your website has thematic relevance to increase your SEO value. 

smart_marketing_twitter_.jpg[Infographic] Smart Marketing: Aligning Your Marketing & Sales 

Aligning your marketing and sales team is increasingly important in a digital age to capture attention and reach a prospect on their own terms. 

21 MorningStart

ad_free_generation_.jpgAn Ad-Free Generation

Time will tell how advertisers will adapt to an increasingly ad-free generation who does not want to be interrupted. 

Moving_to_mid_week.jpg Moving to Mid-Week

21 MorningStart will now be delivered once a week on Wednesday. 


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