How the Building Industry Attracts the Female Homeowner on Pinterest


Pinterest is a penny candy store full of visual treats and tempting ideas. But it is much more than a collection of pretty pictures and personal indulgence. If you haven't discovered it yet in terms of using it as a marketing tool for your building materials, you're in for a surprise -- a pleasant one.

Pinterest's users are currently overwhelmingly female, it's true. But whoever said that women are less interested in home projects and products than men? Actually, the female homeowner on Pinterest may be the motivation behind most DIY projects, if not the actual "do-ers." It's also a convenient virtual filing system of ideas for anyone planning to build or remodel.

Why Should the Building Industry Pin?

If you're not quite ready, or still uncertain about how, to establish a Pinterest Persona, consider the following:

  • Pinterest is the up-and-coming social media site, building users and an impressive following; its Pinners increased by 4% during the same time period that Facebook users declined 9%.
  • What do people post about? While the highest percentage of posts are about food, HOME -- the broad category of home products, home building, home remodeling, interior design and home projects -- accounts for 40%. Another 26% of users regularly post about products.
  • One quarter of social media regulars say they prefer Pinterest, while 15% claim to use it exclusively. They use it to search out businesses and products, and they pay attention to what other Pinners say about those products.
  • Pinterest regulars are 80% female, it's true, but men are finding Pinning more and more attractive.
  • Since its founding in 2010, Pinterest's share has increased 66% each year, more than any other site. The site itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • What do Pinners get out of it? A lot it seems: 43% seek product information; another 36% read and post comments about products and services. Pinterest records a greater number of shares for e-commerce sites than other social media.

So, armed with all these statistics, what are  you waiting for?

How to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business

One of the basic tenets of marketing is to be visible. With that in mind, establishing a Pinterest account is one of the easiest things you will ever do. And lots of businesses are doing it these days. Bob Vila of This Old House fame, reportedly used Pinterest to increase website traffic. It not only worked, but it worked exceedingly well, to the tune of a 33% increase, with the number of male visits showing a month to month increase of 20%. 

There is a learning curve, and photographs tell the story. But mastering the basics is not difficult.

As Pinterest matures and its numbers of regular users grow, it too is changing. Right now is a perfect time for businesses to join the Pinterest "family." There are some interesting ways to maximize exposure, promote your pins, "buy" pins and increase your traffic. Just like other social media encounters, it takes some time and requires some experimentation.

But, just like that penny candy store, you have to sample them all in order to find your favorites and determine which ways engage with your target audience the most effectively. 

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