How to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business

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Can you, in the space of a (vintage) tweet-and-a-half, sum up your business presence? That's the question posed by Instagram's 150-character opportunity, otherwise known as your profile. While this visual-heavy social media platform offers some excellent marketing opportunities through posted images, your profile rolls out the red carpet to invite browsers in. Much like any aspect of business, you'll need to make sure you're encouraging engagement to pile on the follows and likes. Remember - every pair of eyes you capture today could be a sale tomorrow, so it's important to make a great first impression.

To pull together the best bio in the B2B biz - or rather, your biz - you'll need to focus on four aspects:

Name - You've got 30 characters to give your business the spotlight it deserves. Your best move here is to be straightforward, not cutesy: if you are Widget Company Incorporated, don't be afraid to put it out there. You can also slide in an abbreviation, character room permitting: WCI, to follow the example here. That way, no matter how a potential fan spells your company name, they'll find your profile without a problem.

Username - This part will require some thought, mainly because it will become a permanent part of your custom URL on instagram. If you're experimenting with the interface and accidentally enter "WidgetLvr42895" instead of a company name, you may be stuck with that in your url for good. Additionally, if your company uses similar usernames on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, be sure your handle matches. It will help build brand identity and trust in your customers' minds.

Website - If your website url is complicated or overly long, consider getting a shorter and more memorable URL and "pointing" it to your desired webpage. Not only will this look cleaner and more memorable on your bio, you'll be able to track metrics a little better with a dedicated url devoted to click-throughs. 

Bio - This is where your creativity and "voice" can truly shine. You'll have 150 characters to tell your story - think of it as the modern elevator pitch. Some industry experts suggest including a personalized hashtag at the end to make searching and tagging branded images easier for your fans. Talk about how long you've been around, what you want to inspire in your customers, and what your motto is. The limited format can be something of a headache to content with, but it also helps you weed out unnecessary words along the way. 

The images you snap and post to Instagram are only half of your brand story - when your feed is quiet, you need to be able to trust in your bio to speak on your behalf. While it seems obvious, don't hesitate to have a coworker or a spelling checker give your potential bio content a once-over - nothing distracts from a message like typos. If it's brand-appropriate, try dabbling in emojis, as well: there are shapes and icons for nearly everything these days, and their cross-platform functionality and popularity makes them an easy attention-getter. Best of all, they only take up a single character's space apiece! Get creative and try to tell your brand story in a handful of emojis - your customers will love the fresh take on your story. 

Instagram is a phenomenal platform for picture taking, editing, and sharing, but don't neglect the social aspect of this social media along the way. Your bio is your introduction to the Instagram world, and with some smart writing, you'll always have your best face forward: no filters needed.  


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Emily Oswalt

As social media manager at 21 Handshake, my passion of social media shines through to bring awareness to your brand. From the latest hashtag trend to engaging influencers, my desire is provide the best content to get your target audience talking online.