Importance of Establishing Your Company as an Industry Thought Leader

by Isaac Oswalt on November 26, 2015


Thought leadership is one of those business terms you just can’t escape. You see it all over the place online, but never pay much attention. You’re an industry leader, after all. Why is flaunting it so important?

Thought leadership simply means taking your knowledge and experience and sharing it with the world. As one of the industry thought leaders, your clients, leads, and competition look to you as a true authority. Below, we’ll discuss specifically why this is such an advantage for you, and how you can take your expertise and start using it to build your influence online.

 The Importance of Being a Thought Leader

The most obvious advantage of being a thought leader is that you’re able to build your brand. As a manufacturing influencer, other businesses are going to come to you for advice. Your brand becomes part of the industry conversation, and you’ll start being mentioned without even trying.

Here’s what you can expect by becoming an influencer:

  • More leads. Your content marketing should be drawing in leads by itself, but you’ll gain leads naturally as you become part of the conversation. If a potential client sees you mentioned as an expert, they’re going to come right to you.

  • Better pricing. By differentiating your company as an industry expert, you’re no longer competing on price. Clients should be willing to pay a bit more for quality, and you’re the best in the industry.

  • Control over your audience. Since your audience comes to you for advice, you can control the narrative a bit. If you’re coming out with a new service for a quicker turnaround, for example, you can start ingraining how important a quick turnaround is. Leveraging your influence a bit will help your new service hit the ground running.

 Establishing Yourself Online

Becoming a thought leader takes purposeful strategy. Even if you’re already respected among your peers and winning lots of awards, you need to take your leadership online. Create a content marketing strategy that shares your expertise and attracts lots of traffic. As you continue to share useful information online, your influence will grow and you’ll be well on your way to thought leadership.

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