Increase Visibility on Your Content with These 8 Strategies

Increase Visibility on Your Content with These 8 Strategies.png

Are you still struggling to attract attention to your content? Sometimes those content view numbers just aren't what we expected or needed...which isn't fun, but it's also an opportunity for growth. Check out our favorite strategies for improving visibility when content is struggling to perform.

1. Use an Automated Promotion Plan

Every piece of content you create and push online for your brand needs an automated promotion plan, which includes scheduling over marketing management software so you don't have to repeat the same steps over and over. Good plans usually have two or three tiers. The first tier is basic, hands-off automation that schedules a post on your popular social media platforms and (as necessary) sends out an email to your client list promoting the piece – both social media and email are important here!

The second tier is for longer or more specialized event content that you really want to get out there. This typically involves several social media posts, and often a promoted post or two to increase visibility with audiences on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A third tier may also be necessary for very unique type of content that holds a lot of inherent value (studies, whitepapers, state of industry blogs, and so on). This may add specific ads promoting the content on social media and websites, a new link on your homepage, and similar additions.


2. Include Visuals and Videos on Other Platforms

Post on platforms like Instagram with images that highlight your content or help transform it into a visual piece (slideshows and infographics are good ideas, if you have enough time to use them). Adding a visual aspect to draw people in deeper is a very solid strategy these days, because visuals play so well online. For especially productive content, you should also plan to transition the key points into a video format that you can share on YouTube and other sites.


4. Talk to Influencers Who May Like Your Content

Hopefully, you have a few influencers and bloggers in your industry that you keep in contact with (if not, this is a good opportunity to look for them). If there's an influencer that frequently posts about the subjects you discuss in your content, then it's a smart idea to drop a line and see if they are interested in checking it out and making arrangements to post it to their audience. Influencer marketing is a great way to increase visibility beyond what your brand may regularly attain.


5. Go for a Second Round as a Reminder

A week or two after initially publishing, send up a second set of posts on social media to catch any of your audience that may have missed or not been convinced by the first round. It doesn't need to be elaborate – a simple, "Did you catch our new piece on upcoming product updates? You'll want to see the upgrade for Product #5!" is usually enough to stir some extra interest.


6. Tap Into Older, Popular Content Once Again

We have a good guide for repurposing old marketing pieces that you may want to take a look at. If a piece has been successful in the past (several months or even several years ago, depending on the type of content), then you can often get a lot more traffic by repurposing it, packaging it in a different way and sending it up again. Don't be afraid to revisit your successes!


7. Create a Deeper Analysis for More In-Depth Study

If a piece has strong data that has the potential to create meaningful conversation, think about going deeper. Create whitepapers and other longer-form pieces that really dig into this data and talk about what it means for your industry.


8. Start A Discussion

If you have videos, whitepapers or articles then you're ready to start talking about them! That means it's time to visit LinkedIn and related forums, and create some conversations around your content. It's a good way to attract new eyeballs as well as improve your standing as a Brand That Knows Stuff.


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