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Move Beyond P&L Statements to Attract Millennials 

by Isaac Oswalt on September 18, 2015


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In this blog series, we focus on insights from millennials and how you can focus on attracting millennials to manufacturing.

 We have discussed perks that Millennials look for in a company and how millennials thrive in an intimate work environment . It is important to Millennials that they feel like a person, not just a number and they love frequent feedback. Millennials value a challenging and trusting work environment; they also desire a clear career roadmap. Millennials also desire to feel a part of the 'bigger picture' and look for employment at companies they feel will give them a sense of purpose. Foster a culture of charitable caring, a connected team environment and some fun social outings and you are well on your way to attracting Millennials to manufacturing.  Assist Millennials in achieving a work - life balance, have inspiring senior management and a well paired mentoring program and you are well on your way to attracting millennials to manufacturing! Encourage good manager - employee relationshipscollaborative creative thinking and looking beyond P & Statements and not only will your millennial employees look forward to clocking in but all employees will. 

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Why Brock Only Likes His Job

Brock, like many Millennials in manufacturing, didn’t know what to expect. It turns out that he enjoys the work he does, even if he’s not sure what to think about his company. They seem completely focused on the bottom line. Brock’s not sure how much they value anything except profit and losses, and wishes he worked for a more employee-focused company.

 Why This is Bigger than Brock

The bottom line is important to any manufacturing company, whether you’re looking to attract Millennials to manufacturing or not. It’s important to remember, however, that happy employees make productive employees. Studies show that happy employees have an enormous impact on the bottom line.

If you want to start making more money in today’s business environment, you need to focus on your employees.

 Moving Past Profit and Loss Statements

Here are some ways you can improve productivity by focusing on employees instead of profits and losses:

  • Set goals, focus on achievements. Measuring results is important, but positive efforts are, too. Reward employees and encourage them along the way. Don’t make employees fear metrics.
  • Be flexible. Some codes need to be strict, but relax things whenever possible. Let employees dress casually (but professionally), and let them take extended breaks sometimes. A bit of leeway goes a long way towards loyalty and productivity.
  • Don’t give assignments, create opportunities. Instead of handing out assignments, challenge your employees. Give people who want to thrive more responsibility. They’ll work much harder for you, and your bottom line will improve because of it.

 Once you start focusing on your employees, you’ll be able to attract as many Millennials as you want. And even though you aren’t focusing on it, the bottom line will improve, too.


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